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JapanHdXxx Review

Site Overview

Are you looking for a quality Japanese porn site? Yes, we know that there are certainly a lot of Japanese porn sites out there, and even more, sites offering Asian porn. However, as long-time fans of good Japanese porn, we personally know from experience how difficult it is to search for a porn site of good quality, with full high definition videos that are totally uncensored. And because of our love for Japanese porn, we certainly did not stop our search. This is the reason why we are so happy and excited to write this porn site review today – because we found it. We found a high quality Japanese porn site which offers exclusive uncensored videos that you are not going to find elsewhere. What’s more is that almost all of these videos were shot using the special Japanese point-of-view style, a certain camera angle of shooting the videos that are unique to Japanese porn. It is a little bit difficult to explain but we are sure that you are going to see it once you have experienced the world of Japanese porn already. Anyway, without further ado, allow us to introduce you to the site.

The porn site’s name is Japan HD XXX, and according to the porn site’s tagline, it is where you are going to see “gorgeous Japanese girls fucked on your screen”. They offer a huge library of porn videos with different themes, so we are sure that you will right at home no matter why type of fetish you may have, or porn genre that you are currently looking for. The only common denominator that you are going to see on the videos are two: first, they were shot in a Japanese style (as what we have mentioned above), and next, they feature Japanese hotties. But aside from that, that’s it. Japan HD XXX also does not feature only videos alone. They also have photos and DVD movies. We are also very fond of the fact that their entire porn site and all of its contents is fully optimized for different devices. This is a first for us, and we haven’t seen any other Japanese porn site to offer this type of feature. Their videos can be played on PC and Mac of course, but aside from that, you can also play your downloads on your tablet, smart phone, smart TV, and even through your playstation portable! We are sure that you are already dying to know the membership details of Japan HD XXX, so allow us to share the information with you. They have three types of full access membership plans: a one-month membership, a three-month membership, and finally a one-year membership. They also have a two-day trial membership if you are interested in a minimal fee.

Design & Features

Honestly, their site is one of the most impressive porn sites that we have seen in a while. It looks technically advanced. It is well-designed with a clean and effective layout. Once you land on the homepage, the first thing that will get your attention is their video banner. Well, it’s not really a video clip, but the banner automatically plays videos once you enter, it’s more like an animated picture. On that banner, you will see the clips of their hottest scenes along with the link that would lead you to the sign-up page. It also contains some information about the site. Below that, you are going to see a batch of thumbnails. These thumbnails represent the “staff recommended” videos. And after that, by scrolling down you will get to see their latest DVD releases. These previews provide more information compared to the video thumbnails. The thumbnails contain the title of the video, the name of the pornstar featured, the length of the video and the date when it was uploaded.

Aside from that, you will also get to see the number of people who liked the videos and those who have already seen it. You will be surprised; their videos can reach to up to fifty thousand views and more! As for the DVD preview, it contains links to the trailer, full video, and the photos related to the DVD. It is also presented in a thumbnail, but instead of showing a certain scene in the video; you are going to see the cover of the DVD. Aside from that you are also going to see the English title of the video, the date when it was released, the number of scenes, and a short synopsis. Scrolling down, you will see even more thumbnails and finally the photos of their latest and most famous models.

Girls & Videos

We are sure that almost every one already knows that Japanese beauty looks like it is made out of our dreams. Their faces look perfectly symmetrical, their bodies are well-proportioned, and overall they are just really cute. They have this innocent charm which turns us on even more. This is also the reason why they are actually very famous in the porn industry. We believe that they can even compete with European and American porn! As for the videos, all of them are as advanced as the design of their website. Everything is in full high definition, and all of them can be streamed and downloaded like a breeze with the porn site’s ultra fast servers. There is no need to worry about the long loading and buffering time. Plus, let us not forget that all of their videos are portable since you can play them anywhere. As for the themes, just like what we have already mentioned as well, they are all pretty varied and have covered most of the usual porn genres, niches, and fetishes.


In the end, all that we can say is that this is truly an all-around Japanese porn site. If you are a fan of Japanese or Asian porn, and you are looking for a quality site for you to join and not waste your money on, this site is the perfect one for you.



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