JapansTiniest Review



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JapansTiniest provides horny Japanese chicks with an incredible sexual appetite. Enjoy them watching incredible HD videos.


JapansTiniest Review

Site Overview

JapansTiniest, the website, is part of a 5 niche site network by Erito. It prides itself on offering the Japanese girls with the biggest appetite for sex. By becoming a member of this site that answers all your needs when it comes to Japanese beauties, you will have access to very hot XXX HD scenes never seen outside Japan (not to mention that they will be un-pixelled once you are a member), you will get new scenes added daily and a full HD experience all around. The site is also equiped to offer full mobile access, and of course, a beautiful selection of gorgeous women divided up in over 40 different hardcore categories. If you are into beautiful geishas who are willing to please and who are ready to try just about anything, you will want to join JapansTiniest, part of the Erito network.

Design & Features

JapansTiniest offers a really simple, no-nonsense interface that anybody can navigate and access. It is straightforward, direct, and candid about everything it has to offer, offering clear still images and an impeccable launch page where you can see just a few of the amazing videos that await you when you join. Like most sites, JapansTiniest offers pages of pages of window still images you can click to access the different movies available.

You will also have an easy time navigating, looking for videos because, once you get inside, you’ll find them classified by title, by category, by rating, or by model. You’ll want to check them out and then go to another great feature on this site: the Live Cam Access. With this, you will be able to video chat with gorgeous Japanese chicks who will make you rock hard and help you fantasize straight to a great big shot of cum.

Girls & Videos

This site is really a niche site. All the girls – although they vary in age (which doesn’t mean much because ALL Asian girls age so beautifully so whether they are 20 or 48, they are always as gorgeous, firm, perky and sexy… yet look so innocent and wholesome!) – are hot in everyway. We all love Asian women for their smooth skin and these chicks also don’t disappoint you. Another thing they have in common? They all look awesome! In some of the videos, you will see a gorgeous fresh girl letting two older men explore her beautiful, round tits, gorgeous back side, and poke under her black silk panties so they can get their fingers (and eventually their hard dicks) into her hairy Asian honey pot.

You will find other girls – some almost flat-chested – getting fucked by burly, muscular black dudes who look like they outweigh the girls in muscle but at least three times. You’ll find girls getting stimulated by vibrating toys and having shooting orgasms that are just about as abundant as if they were emptying their bladders! If you are into sexy lingerie, you will also love this site. So many of these girls play with themselves through their panties that you will be shooting a load into your own underwear before you can even get it off! On this site, you’ll also find girls taking it up the ass and then spitting out the cum the guy has left up there. Amazing! If you are into blow jobs (and who isn’t, right?) – whether you like POV, just plain close-ups or long shots -, you will definitely get your moneys worth too, by becoming a member of JapansTiniest.

If this isn’t enough to convince you, you will want to check out the girls who get their hairy pussies finger fucked by horny Japanese dudes who are getting the slit ready for their cocks. So hot! You’ll also catch some great videos of girls and guys have sex in cars, outside, in pools, in hot tubs, with massage oils, dildos, and more. You will want to check out gorgeous, innocent-looking Kana with her manga eyes; the sexy Pieroda who looks like she can really give you some attitude… as well as the fuck of your life; amazing Victoria Secret-style model Minori who will drive your libido through the roof; magnificient, fair-haired Tia who just jumps out of the screen at you and makes you wish she was there with you; cute, innocent type Miku looks like she needs you to teach her everything and really wants to learn, with her pony tails, perky tits and tight, delicious pussy; you’ll love sultry goddess Anna who will take control of a situation and make any guy a slave to her beauty, her ability and her clutching pussy; you’ll want to get to know more about unbelievably beautiful and mysterious Nami who has been around the block a few times but never kisses and tells.

All these amazing girls are there on this great site right in front of you, but they are just the tip of the tit. You will find hundreds more unbelievable sexy girls-next door engaging in wonderfully sexual activity that you will definitely not want to miss. What more could you expect from a good porn site? This site is the home of your wild fantasies about Japanese chicks!


When you join JapansTiniest, you also get access to four other niche sets offered by Erito. These sites are Cosplay in Japan, which is a fucking amazing site of hot Japanese women having sex in different costumes (kinky as hell, guys, and sooooo coool), Teens of Tokyo, the largest collection of hot Japanese girls having fun in the naughtiest ways, Erito AV Stars, featuring the hottest and most sought after female models in the Japanese porn industry, plus MILFS in Japan where, obviously, you get the horniest moms you’d like to fuck, wearing some pretty incredible clothes to boot. So dive in and have yourself the greatest Asian orgy of Japanese geishas you have ever had. You won’t regret it… and you will never forget it.



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 Categories  hardcore, Asian

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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