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KarupsHA has a big collection of amateur porn videos. Its compilation is exclusive and various.


KarupsHA Review

Site Overview

There is a lot in porn in the internet, so if you are looking forward a reliable site to become a member you may need to make an extensive search. But we can help you if you have a thing for fresh and innocent looking girls. Even more if you like to know more about them, from their measurements to more simple information such as favorite food, all of this in a single site which name you will probably recognize. If you browse for porn for some time, it’s possible that you heard Karup’s name once or twice.

The main reason for that is because Karup’s Hometown Amateur is one of the pioneers of internet amateur porn, in the business since 2001. With almost 15 years of experience gathered, Karup’s Hometown Amateur provides a real amateur experience of its members, preserving the quality and constantly increasing their models, scenes and picture database. To better understand how can a studio maintain a loyal group of members, and still provide constant uninterrupted updates, we need to see if what Karup’s Hometown Amateur has to provide is really worth a membership.

Design & Features

The homepage uses light and soft colors pleasant to the eyes, without background pictures with only a gradient texturized image to fill the gap. Update rate is almost insane. Karup’s Hometown Amateurs promises six updates per week, and kept loyal to this promise ever since their launching year. The girls’ profile is one of the most extensive we’ve meet. From important information such as nationality, measurements and eye and hair color, to favorite sex positions, hobbies, how they lose their virginity and craziest sex experiences, the bio provides even favorite music, movies and foods!

Scenes can be streamed and download as well. There are different video resolutions and formats to choose, including wmv, mp4 and mobile formats, and the resolutions being from SD 720 x 400 to HD 1280 x 720. The site has almost 15 years, so the older scenes unfortunately are only provided with the SD quality. Individual image sets capture the best parts of the scenes, and they are present in an impressive number as well! More than seven thousand galleries are ready to be uncovered. The usual resolution of pictures for most recent updates are impressive 3000 x 2000. As for the oldest galleries, the picture dimensions are 1024 x 682. Huge material is already at members’ disposal, summing more than seven hundred galleries of images and more than three hundred individual softcore and hardcore scenes. This is an impressive number of material, and to think that it will only grow at a rate of six updates per week is crazy!

Girls & Videos

Worried in providing real amateur videos, Karup’s Hometown Amateur has an extensive list of models who already performed in their productions. With over a thousand different girls, it is hard to find any resemblance between the scenes and pictures, mainly because the girls the girls have different characteristics and looks. Karup’s Hometown Amateur’s girls are incredible well exposed in their profile, as we already stated. So there is an impressible amount of personal information and fantasize about every cute girl you see. The models are really cute, and the vast majority are natural girls that do not fell into the porn industry trap of doing Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. That way you can be assured that the only thig you will find in Karup’s Hometown Amateur is natural and fresh. We can point some of the girls’ natural breasts as a high point explored by the site. Round and massive, or minuscule and pinky, there is genuine beauty in the models body, giving even more emphasis in the amateur product the site wants to sell.

As a softcore amateur based site, expect striptease, eye contact, extremely arousing solo scenes and some tender sex action as well. However, the sex is portrayed by an amateur point of view, so it is a slow and progressive performance that take its time to finally reach a more intimate contact. The shooting and camera angles explores the girls pleasure and body, navigating through their legs, pussy and tits, and giving a nice focus in their facial expressions and constant smiles. Editing is top-notch, without sudden cuts or fast cameras. This is a nicely applied technical choice, as the subtle camera movement preserves the amateur atmosphere and make the scenes artistic and fresh. The final product has a high value, as all scenes and pictures are exclusive. By exclusive we don’t only mean they are only accessible by Karup’s Hometown Amateur’s members, but the unique production turns the scenes into a recognizable brand made by these experienced professionals.


Karup is a name easily recognized by older porn appreciators. The brand has an impeccable history of providing niche quality material. It is not different in Karup’s Hometown Amateur, mainly for its 15 years of experience. It’s impressive the deep of information the site provides about their models, increasing even more our expectations about their performance and cuteness. With important information such as measure and height to extra and interesting trivia about the past experiences of each model, the uniqueness of the girls’ info is developed to sustain the amateur feel.

Scenes are mostly softcore, focusing in solo and striptease shootings that explore the individual beauty of the models, and their pleasure as well. The sex scenes are all developed in a more tender rhythm, not giving away the action too soon, increasing the chemistry between the performers at a slow but realistic pace. The only amateurs in Karup’s Hometown Amateur are the models. The producers expose their expertise in every aspect of their product, from the choice of providing additional and interesting personal information and likes of the models to the tight camera work and editing. That professionalism may be the reason why Karup’s brand continues to grow as one of the top providers of amateur porn.

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