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KarupsPC has a huge compilation of amateur porn videos. You can browse through lots of different and exclusive contents.


KarupsPC Review

Site Overview

The amateur genre has been one of the most prolific in porn productions for over the years, with thousands of sites and companies trying to make exclusive content. Over the last ten years, however, the number of sites specialized in amateur porn has not been that impressive, with most companies trying to explore new trends in the business and as a result of different porn medias such as live cams and private shows. Some of the older companies have not changed their production, exploring the same product but taking the necessary modifications to adequate to a more demanding audience, such as turning HD quality a standard resolution.

Karup’s Private Collection is one of the best examples of these companies, have sustained a huge audience hungry for amateur material since 1997. You could even call the site as one of the grand fathers of the online adult business, since in the year of its foundation the adult business was completely dominated by physical media. To better understand how come an adult site dominates the market, it is important to see not only the new features, but how they have evolved with the times and what was implemented to bring new members.

Design & Features

Karup’s Private Collection knows how to beckon you, giving a little taste of the benefits of being a member. The visitor page offers a neat 4 picture set of some selected scenes, and even gives always a downloadable mp4 video with a preview of some nude and striptease followed by a solo performance. That is more than most sites has to offers, usually reducing your preview to a single trailer with the site’s presentation and the banners of self-promotion. Scenes are wonderfully presented in an arrangement of photos selected to make a beautiful display and preview. In some cases, there is a brief trailer which you can have a deeper look into what that video is all about. The videos provide download in two different options, a wmv with 720 x 400 resolution and a mp4 file with 1280 x 720 resolution. Tough there is a huge number of videos in the site’s library, since its launching the main focus of Karup’s Private Collection has been pictures.

So if you are thrilled with the number of videos, you will laugh at the unimaginable amount of pictures collected here. Almost two thousand galleries, each one with ninety pictures each, with the power of math we encounter the amazing sum of almost a hundred thousand individual images. The tendency is to increase even further these numbers, since the site has yet to fail in delivering six updates each week, with new galleries, videos and bonus content being constantly added. As it is only natural from the site’s old origins, there are some interesting old pictures that will look like antique material for the pickiest. However, you couldn’t be more wrong if you believe there is no surprises in the oldest galleries. Pictures can be browsed, displaying an array of images to be resized by your browser, or downloaded with a zip format package. As for the resolution, the new updates bring photos in the immense 2000 x 3000 resolution as the standard, with a bit variation. The archive of older galleries is mostly in 768 x 512 resolution, completely understandable by their age.

Girls & Videos

Initialing an amateur only site, Karup’s Private Collection is a real encyclopedia of girls, and not only by their different characteristics, but by the different years that the scenes were shoot and the pictures taken. For curiosity and for genuine taste, you can see old photos and galleries in the archive. The most recent updates are full of modern and innocent looking girls, with different eyes and hair colors, haircuts and body sizes. The fact of the main focus of the site being the amateur genre did not stop Karup’s Private Collection to explore other niches, giving away some ebony, asians, latinas, mature women, girl on girl action and many more. Instead of receiving full attention in the shootings, these niches are selected to englobe the amateur genre, without making any segregation between the material. As a result, no matter what scene you are watching, the same quality is present, being difficult not to realize the Karup’s brand in the production.

There is much sensuality in the videos, with arousing stripteases being a recurring and almost indispensable way to display the girls’ attributes. Sex follows a slow and delicate rhythm, with kissing and embracing being used to give the models more intimacy. The pace is really nice and sure to please women as well. The quality of the production has increased over the years, so you can see a big difference between some new and older scenes. The most recently updated scenes are well-produced, with video filters being used to apply a more sophisticated aspect into the videos.


It’s commendable the elegance that Karup’s Private Collection provides previews to visitors. If you look interested in something in the visitors’ page, it’s not difficult to find a downloadable video or a clickable image that will resize for its full resolution. That tactic is one of the smartest things the site has done, since it doesn’t spoil the full content and brings attention of visitors that sometimes are only curious about the site, but become attracted by the preview. The amount of material already collected is jaw-dropping, with thousands of videos and thousands of pictures that makes an almost impossible task to uncover everything

Karup’s Private Collection has managed to congregate. Focusing softcore sex and solo performance, the site brings a fresh and delicate view of women, resulting in an elegant yet kinky material that sure can please both men and women members. Karup’s Private Collection makes sure that the collection part is taken seriously, being very loyal to bring at least six updates per week, increasing even more the ridiculous number of videos and pictures for its members, becoming one of the most interesting and reliable amateur sites online.

 Videos  More than 1.200 Videos
 Pics  More than 2.000 Pictures
 Download  Available
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