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KatieReynolds is one of those sites that you will surely appreciate if you are into solo and masturbation porn videos.


KatieReynolds Review

Site Overview

Katie Reynolds is a mature, slim and beautiful porn artist who loves to get naked in front of the camera, showing off every inch of her body, and teasing herself to give the best sexual fantasy. On her site, you will see this sensational porn artist, playing around with her tits, masturbating and putting dildos in her pussy, and other sex toys.

Design & Features

Katie’s site is designed to have a very colorful outlook and easy to the eyes of the members while accessing the content of her site. The purple color used for the background extends from the tour area of this site to the members area. After you click on the link to this site, you will notice that this site has a unique tour area, which is the best tour area that I have seen so far. On the tour area, you will find details about this site and the content it features here.

If you are a non-member here, you will find a signing in form, outlined clearly where you can easily fill in your details, without having to go through ant links. From the top of this page, you can easily log in to the members area, which is very easy to navigate around and browse the content. The videos here are arranged in four columns, which make the site look professional and easy to access as they are also divided into several pages with their numbers written at the bottom of the page. This site is further linked to other sites, which you can easily access through a link on the menu bar of this site.

Girls & Videos

Katie Reynolds appears to be quite a selfish girl as most of the videos on her site feature her masturbating and teasing her members alone, except a few of the videos where you will see her giving a lap dance to a guy. This black haired slim girl appears to be a professional as I was very impressed by the videos and pictures here, which left me in dire need of a cold beer.

In her videos, Katie likes to talk dirty, as she teases you throughout the movie, which makes you very lucky or inhuman if you don’t get turned on to the point of wetting your pants. The videos are available in windows media format, and MP4 format, which has a very high resolution, reaching up to 720×480 even though there is a promise of a higher resolution with new updates being done on the site.

As a member here, you can stream the videos using an embedded flash player, if you require viewing them immediately from the site. Since accessing the site to view the videos always might be costly to you, you can also download all the videos you want, to view them on your device over and over again. This site is also home to more than 50 photo galleries that can be downloaded as zipped files, with about 100 pictures in each gallery. These photos have a high resolution, as they are shot in a semi-professional way, with little to no airbrushing done on them.

However, a membership pass is required on this site, before accessing the content here or any content on the bonus sites offered here. This is available in two membership plans, monthly and quarterly, plus a 2-day trial plan.


Katie Reynolds is a sexy lady who ensures that she gives you the best masturbation and tease videos, where she talks dirty and moans throughout the videos, to turn you on. Her site is also easily accessible and the content is device friendly making this a site worthy of joining if you love soft-core strip tease videos and pictures.


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