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LadyboyPlayer is a magnificient porn site that provides hot and exciting shemale porn videos with hot Asian models.


LadyboyPlayer Review

Site Overview

Ladyboy Player is an interesting tranny porn site that composes the Shemax Network. This tranny xxx site is filled with awesomely hot trannies, who look really comfortable in front of the camera, thus the superb performance on the tranny porn videos as you can see. Overall, this tranny xxx site is a good addition to your porn flicks and it surprisingly comes in a cheaper price.

Design & Features

The user interface of the site is pretty smooth and flawless. However, it is not only exclusive for Ladyboy Player because there are four other transgender porn sites that comes with it. Nevertheless, the site still manages to showcase the best that anyone can get from these five sites. It has helpful tools to provide convenience to the users like the navigation menu, sorting options, pagination, and category list. The site is also divided into different sections like the video section, photo section, and models index. There are also links that lead to the bonus contents and extras of the site like the behind the scene videos, exclusive interviews, and an Asia Travel Guide.

Digging deeper into these features, let us first take a look at the sorting options. If you want to select videos only from Ladyboy Player, there is an option at the left side of the page where you have to select from the list of the five sites. For the contents, you can also sort it by date, by rating and by name. The site also has a category list where you can take a peek at the available categories. The pagination of the site is also very efficient, making every page easily accessible. Currently, you can see around 190 scenes in the site that are not only available for streaming but also for downloading. You can choose between WMV and MPEG file formats but bear in mind that these two have its own differences. WMV files usually have the bigger size between the two, which can go as big as 1280×720. MPEG files, on the other hand, are 848×480 big. Both of these file types have crisp and sharp audio and image quality.

The download is pretty quick too! The scenes come with a short teaser, some tags and a description. The flash player of the site is also pretty decent. It has a smooth playback and loads the videos as quickly as five seconds. However, the video must be loaded completely first before you can jump immediately to the scenes. Moving on, the photos have the same number as the videos. Each set contains around 90 images. There are also medium and high resolution versions of the photos– just like the videos. The high res photos are 1360×904 while the medium res photos are 850×565. Both resolutions are in excellent quality and you can actually enjoy them offline too! The site allows these photos to be downloaded in zip files where you can also choose between the two available resolutions. Unfortunately, the site does not have a slideshow option if you want a hands free experience. Overall, the site gives a very convenient user experience plus the quality of the contents is not that bad too! The website is fast, responsive and easy to use. The contents can also give satisfaction and they get updated regularly too. Lastly, just when you thought that you already have enough from the money you spent, Ladyboy Player has a lot of freebies for the members like additional porn videos and live cam services.

Girls & Videos

The ladies in Ladyboy Player are all proudly from Asia. They act out hardcore scenes like real pros. Not only that they perform like real pros but they also look like legit porn stars. These ladyboys are the most gorgeous of their kind and there’s no doubt that most of them are coming from Thailand. However, we cannot also overlook the fact that there are also a handful of models that come from different parts of Asia too.

Moving on, the physical attribute of the girls vary. There are some who are slender and very feminine-like while there are also some who are toned and athletic. Some girls have perky boobs while some are really busty that I wonder if they went through some breast implants to achieve that size. The models all look very fantastic that at first glance you couldn’t tell that these chicks have a dick underneath those skimpy skirts.

The models do kinky and horny stuffs in the videos. There are some solo masturbation scenes where the ladyboys slowly undress themselves and start touching their body which includes stroking their erect cocks until they cum big time. There are also some action scenes where the ladyboys are paired up with guys and they do dirty stuffs together like oral sex and anal sex. For more action, there are also threesomes and group sex where you’ll see more than one shemale in the scene.


Ladyboy Player is a fun and interesting way to discover a transgender’s turf in Asia. The adventures of Raf, the transgender expert, will surely catch your interest as he walk you through different spots in Asia while looking for transgender beauties all over the continent. All these discoveries are presented in a high quality porn video that you will surely not dare to miss. Aside from that, I also like the presentation of the site– the navigation tool, the sorting options, the user interface and the overall ambiance of the site. It is very convenient to use. Although Ladyboy Player is among the five sites that make up the Shemax Network, it is still able to pull itself up and make it stand out among the rest of the sites. The type of videos that you can find here are perfect for those who are adventurous and has a thing for transgender porn. If you are one of these, you should definitely check out Ladyboy Player.


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