MagmaFilm Review



MagmaFilm is one of the best sites for enjoying a good quality porn movies. Its big collection will keep you busy for long time.


MagmaFilm Review

Site Overview

European porn is known to be extravagant, always trying to surprise us and making sure there’s no sex, only fucking. With big competitors in the adult business, new site’s need to maintain updated and unique contents to prevail and grow. Born in the home of hardcore porn, MagmaFilm tries not only to exist, but to compete head to head with the biggest companies in Europe. Founded in 2014, the site is brand new and not well known in other countries. In the other hand, it’s popularity is constantly growing in its homeland, Germany. In reality, MagmaFilm produces high-quality porn since 1988, but it had different names in its trajectory. That way, the site tries to maintain the already respected material produced, and growing even more in the internet adult industry. With a respected scene library and complete hd porn movies, MagmaFilm deserves to be checked with the proper attention.

Design & Features

The site layout and design show us that MagmaFilm is not made by amateurs, nor it takes itself lightly. With a professional design, the dark ambience of the site it’s full of professional advertising banners of its productions and scenes. The home page welcome new visitors with a nice trailer with a compilation of scenes, movies and series made, packed with beautiful European girls posing, undressing and get fucked in many places and situations. The scenes tab has information for each one of the scenes, informing number of views and how many times the scene has been favorited. Even as a guest without membership, you can see the trailer of any scene, having access to a monstrous number of tags and the origin of the scene, being from a movie or from a specific series.

As expected, each scene has a picture set that can be either viewed online or downloaded. Being in the business for one year, there’s a respectable collection of complete HD movies to download and stream ready. HD collection is guaranteed in both choices. For a best browsing experience and search, you can search movies according to the year and month of release. With more than two hundred models in its catalog, MagmaFilm knows how to best choose their cast. In the specific page of each model there’s information about the origin, date of birth, and hair and eye colors, with the scenes in which they performed. For native or fluent German readers, there’s a press section to better uncover the site story and to enjoy interviews or news involving MagmaFilms. A nice touch to loyal members.

An important feature is the complete English translation, so you don’t need to be embarrassed in not knowing a single word of German. If membership is a problem for your, MagmaFilms offers a shop section to get single DVDs, redirecting the visitor to the proper retailer. Unfortunately, the main retailers are European, so that can be a little disappointing. Offering even more content is a nice way to increase members and popularity. With that idea in mind, MagmaFilms is part of a Network of other sites, making a single membership worth 12 other sites! The sites that members have access are: ProAmateur, StrassenFlirts, MagmaSwingts, PimmelBingo, DarkDreams, GermanPov, HaupstadtPorno, Stadtficker, 100%Kleidergeil, Strumpfgebiete, PornInTheU.S.A. and MagnaCasting. They provide and explore a great array of topics and genres, such as POV, Amateur, Gangbangs and Domination. It’s a nice feature that make you money worth, always welcome.

Girls & Videos

Being a German adult site, the majority of girls are European, with some exceptions, and they come in all sizes and shapes. Skinny, muscular and curvy models are present in all scenes and movies. As a German site, there’s some prevalence of german girls. They are lusty and know almost no boundaries, accepting to record aggressive action, with anal, deepthroat and even golden shower. Some of the girls make some public display of their boobs, without any care in the world. The director and male performers make sure the girls are fucked hard, in all possible and imaginable positions.

The majority of the models are not known to non-Europeans, but MagmaFilms is always trying to come closer to American audience, even recording six exclusive scenes with new starlet and award-winning Bonnie Rotten. Some scenes explore more realistic behavior, such as a walk in a public place and chit-chatting between actors. That’s a nice touch for those who appreciate more than the sex scenes. The camera work is manly gonzo-oriented, recorded with HD hand cameras, giving a realistic feel and contributing to a dynamic sex performance. All the directors have extensive experience in the adult business, producing some of the most wicked and perverse porn you can imagine, all blended together with the particular voyeurism known from European porn. The editing is also very peculiar, with total freedom to craft unique results. So, depending in the context of the scene and the settings, there’ll be a different technical work, to better improve your experience.


MagmaFilms is a new site from an already known and respected Company, focusing mainly in german porn. With more than 25 years in the business, its library offers a huge number of scenes and full HD movies to new members. The content is made by professional and experienced producers, actors and director, focusing hardcore porn that can only be found and recorded by Germans. There’s huge competition in adult business in Europe, so the new sites usually participate in Networks to provide even more content and grown the number of members satisfied.

Being a member of MagmaFilm give access to other twelve sites, that explores a great array of genres, such as POV porn, Amateur, Domination and Gangbangs. The content provided by MagmaFilm is not for the weak of heart, it contains anal, deepthroats, piss, slaps, rough acting and sex, all of this with the unique German voyeurism and gonzo style that made various fans in the USA. If you’re looking forward hardcore sex, European girls that accept anything in sex, top-quality perversity, MagmaFilm may be the place you will find all of this, and more.

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