MaleFeet4U Review



MaleFeet4U features flawless pairs of feet owned by gorgeous European models.


MaleFeet4U Review

Site Overview

MaleFeet4U is definitely a one of a kind fetish porn site where you can find amateur and mature European guys in the sexy fetish porn collection of the site. The fetish HD videos are worthwhile because every minute is focused on the foot fetish category. So if you are a fan, you definitely should not miss this.

Design & Features

MaleFeet4U has photos and videos that you can enjoy in different formats. There are 960×544 and 1920×1080 videos that you can download in MP4 and WMV file formats. If you are streaming, these videos are only available in 640×360. The photos are available in 665×1000 which is a good size already. Moreover, the site updates the collection frequently, sometimes every three days at most. Overall, the site is functional and offers a convenient experience to the users.

One of the features that a lot of members are excited of is the “dream set” offer of the site where anyone can request for a certain porn scene from their favorite models. MaleFeet4U, on the other hand, tries to respond to these requests as much as it can. There’s just one thing to avoid though. The site has pre-checked offers which might not be too friendly for your pocket. As long as you can watch out for that, you should be good to go.

Guys & Videos

The models in MaleFeet4U are gay models coming from different parts of Europe. However, I noticed that most of them are from the Czech Republic and as well as from Hungary. The guys come in different sizes and looks. So far, my favorite are those guys who are bulkier. These guys have well chiseled abs. Some of them even have tattoos for a more appealing look. If these types of guys are not your type, there are also guys that are skinnier and slender. These guys are the guy next door type. There are also guys who look smart and nerdy. Aside from the looks, the dicks also come in different forms. Some are long and thick, while some are short and thick. Majority of the dicks are also uncut and pubes are untrimmed. The videos are focused more on the feet. You cannot find masturbation videos or sex videos in the collection.


MaleFeet4U is a site that I will recommend to my friends who have a foot fetish. The niche of the site may seem weird most especially for those who are not exposed to this type of fetish but it was still fun watching the guys flaunt their feet. Some of them are naked while some are slightly dressed. When it comes to the price of the site, I would say that everything is just within the reach. So if you are worried that you will only be wasting your time and money in this site, there’s definitely nothing to worry because the site is cheap.


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