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MaleReality presents one of the most exciting collection of gay porn videos in high quality.


MaleReality Review

Site Overview

Do you desire to see hot frat dudes sucking cocks or twinks getting their assholes hard fucked, or some heavy anal drilling videos; or perhaps it’s the handjobs and super blowjobs that would thrill you better? Don’t fret, don’t worry, just turn over to MaleReality. It is loaded with the craziest and most thrilling of gay porn ever to be recorded and hosted online. This site beats others in the niche, hands down. It’s the amazing storylines that would first get you hooked; super-hot girlfriends finding out that their guy had not been interested in fucking them all the while because they are gay; frat dudes using hot anal banging as a condition for initiation into the gang; incredible gang bang featuring the hottest hunks from the campus; spectacular group sex swapping partners incessantly, and so many other kinds of dramas that play out. Whatever the scripting says, one thing ties these videos together; and that is unbelievable and incredible asshole fucking like never before seen. No matter your fantasy, no matter what your kinky brains desire to see, no matter how much you crave for intense hard fucking; be sure that all your fantasies and daydreams would all be fulfilled here. That’s a guarantee you would never get anywhere else.

Hence, there is no boring time, no repetitive videos, and no waste of precious and valuable time watching drab tube videos called porn. Here, it is 100% authentic; 100% real; and 100% exclusive. True; if you don’t find that incredible gay porn video here, chances are, you would never find it anywhere else, on or offline. This is the home of the most exclusive and most popular gay videos we have ever heard of or seen. DVD movies like Gay Frat House, Too Big for Twinks, My Boyfriend is Gay, Gay Massage, and so many other great DVDs that have thrilled us for a while now. You guessed it right; more of such – and even better banging gay porn DVDs are in the works this very moment and would be added to the site weekly. The site also features all the greatest badass gay porn kings ever to walk the earth. Gay dudes like Marcel, Denis Reed, Ennio Guardi, Caleb Moreton, and Mathew Ross are all here with their ripped bodies, six-packs, huge cocks, and mesmerizing sex skills to make sure you have a wonderful time watching the very best that MaleReality offers.

These are guys who have shaken the gay world, who have made a name for themselves through sheer hard work, and who have entertained and educated millions of chicks and guys out there who love this niche. They are gods of the porn world, indeed. Whether it’s in a camp outdoors, on the couch indoors, in the kitchen, at the gym, in the office, in the locker room, lecture theater, or anywhere else there is some semblance of opportunity to fuck, these guys would get down and bang each other like there is no tomorrow. For these guys, they are not interested in female troubles, or wet and slimy cunts, or flabby boobs and fat asses, or even pussy fuck and girl moaning; all they want is that super hard body, that rock hard cock, that tight asshole, that vigor and intensity, and so much more hardcore banging that only a guy can offer. And this is exactly what they get in all the MaleReality videos hosted on this site. It’s simply incredible! Not even free beers and plenty money won from betting at the pub can keep these guys away from banging each other. They would rather find a reason to skip public appearances and instead cuddle up with each other under the sheets or on the couch and bang away. That is why people call them sex freaks; but sex freaks with a class, with panache, and awesome flamboyance. They are guys who fresh dudes look up to and wish to be like; they are the kings of the world of porn, no doubt. And because excellent performances shot with excellent equipment featuring fantastic gay dudes deserve a great channel to present it to the world, Fetish Network have invested so much time, money, and human resources to create the most exciting and most dynamic gay porn website in the world. MaleReality would shock you; would thrill you; and would entertain you – big time!

Design & Features

MaleReality has proven that you can mix great gay sex with advanced technology and not lose the user in the process. This site is so simple yet full of great features for users to enjoy from. With a 3-day risk free trial, users can enjoy all the goodies and bonuses inside the website – that is other than enjoying the fantastic trailers covering the homepage. All the videos can also be downloaded into mobile devices and stored in users’ memory banks for life. Great bonus, you’d say.

Guys & Videos

The studs featured on MaleReality are exclusive porn stars for this site and nowhere else. This is where their home is; where they play and mesmerize the whole world with fantastic hardcore porn videos like never seen before. These hunks and twinks have been selected through a rigorous process, making sure that they are the right fit for the amazing videos the site offers. They are special, thrilling, and simply gorgeous.


With MaleReality at your side all the time – both in your home or office desktop and in your mobile devices too, be sure never to have another dull moment desiring to see hot gay porn. This is indeed the end of your search; no more tube videos, no more perambulating around the internet; just great sex again and again. So, what are you waiting for? Get your card out now and subscribe immediately.



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Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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