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MyBDSMGF offers an incredible collection of BDSM user-submitted videos that will drive you insane.



Site Overview

An awesome BDSM porn site, MyBDSMGF offers exclusive amateur sluts who are used in the most exquisite ways by their boyfriends. These videos are user submitted, making all of them the most realistic BDSM videos available on the Internet. MyBDSMGF is a member of the GF Network, the largest amateur and user submitted porn site.

The videos are fascinating, and probably the most genuine and natural that you have ever seen. These beautiful and mind-blowing videos offer sluts tied, suspended and restrained in crazy ways, while they are subjected to sensory and orgasm deprivation. These chicks then are fucked hard, and experience the most memorable orgasms, after these excellent BDSM acts.

MyBDSMGF offers tons of photos and videos of sluts in the weirdest BDSM poses and themes. With nipples clamped, pussies stretched, dildoed, vibrated and insanely used, the sluts scream in pleasure and agony, as waves of orgasm hit them hard. These descriptions are only the tip of the iceberg that we have highlighted here, but there’s more to MyBDSMGF than this. From an awesomely simple, elegant and effective design and hundreds of awesome BDSM content, MyBDSMGF should be a part of your infinite porn collection. To help you achieve this, we have presented this in-depth review to describe the key aspects that make MyBDSMGF an awesome site. So, go ahead and read the review.

Design & Features

MyBDSMGF displays the brilliance of the GF Network in ample ways. Take the design, for example. Like all GF network sites, there is a beautiful collage at the very top. You may even want to call this the header. The large collage shows a glimpse of what to expect on MyBDSMGF. Naked amateur bitches, each looking exquisite, display happiness and pleasure in being used by their boyfriends. Some are tied, some suspended, with here a chick having her nipples clamped and there another cunt having her pussy lips spread with clothespins. With many such awesome images of sluts bound and restrained, the collage indicates the true value of things to come, while setting the tone for the rest of the site. A beautiful logo of MyBDSMGF is seen in the centre of the collage.

My and GF have a grey colour with a black border, while BDSM has a red colour with a black and grey double border. These colours go well with the theme of MyBDSMGF, and this is the right time for us to highlight why so. Red is generally associated with suspense, and if you check out the collage, there are few chicks who have their eyes blindfolded. So, these sluts anticipate something in suspense. BDSM requires guys to have shades of grey, and the grey colour goes well with this aspect. Black is generally associated with something dark, as if some dark energy is released while experiencing BDSM. Black makes an appropriate colour here. A lovely collage and an awesome colour scheme make MyBDSMGF an excellent site.

But there is more to this site than these two features. The layout, or the placement of the video thumbnails. MyBDSMGF doesn’t allow for any trial videos, and one must be a member of this sexy site to avail the option of viewing the videos. However, this doesn’t stop you from checking out the contents in the thumbnails. The thumbnails are large enough for you to figure out how what is available. There are about 84 videos, arranged in a grid, on the homepage, and a lot more when you subscribe. The thumbnails indicate the intensity of the BDSM sessions, with the cunts spreading their holes to allow their boyfriends to invade, screw and drill. The videos are downloadable but only for subscribed members, with a download arrow on the thumbnail. Whatever it is, the only way to enjoy these videos is by subscribing.

Girls & Videos

The most interesting part of this review, or any other review, is the girls, as also the videos they feature in. In the previous section, we described that the videos were laid out in the form of a grid, with large thumbnails. The contents of the videos can be made out from the thumbnail screenshots. Since we have started with the videos, let us check them out, and then a brief look at the kind of sluts available here.

The videos are truly diverse, and you will find a variety of BDSM poses the cunts are subjected to. Among all porn niches, BDSM is probably the most diverse, for it can include not only tying and binding a slut, but suspending her, blindfolding, spreading pussies, using clothespins on pussies and nipples, tying nipples and breasts with ropes, using chains, ball-gagging, inserting objects like candles and sex toys, dripping wax, inserting hooks, caging and electro-stimulation, and slave training, among many others.

MyBDSMGF displays these diverse BDSM themes and sub-themes very beautifully through its videos. And the amateur cunts, what should be say about them? We don’t have any words to describe these chicks, but we have made an honest attempt to give an accurate description. All these chicks are amateur GFs, so they have less experience in matters of sex. But they make up for the lack of experience by offering themselves as slaves to their horny and kinky boyfriends. And boy! Don’t they make excellent slaves? They have exquisitely insane bodies, soft nubile breasts, fresh pussies that need hard pounding and fucking, the tightest assholes that get ripped apart when a monster cock invades them, and an amazingly shaped mouth that love to suck hard boners and eat warm cum. Cum shots, facials and creampies on them make them sexier than they are.


Time to conclude the review of MyBDSMGF. For all the great goodies and excellent stuff that you get on MyBDSMGF, this comes at a surprisingly affordable fee. You also get free access to over a dozen porn sites in the GF Network, tons of photos and videos and free live cam girls performing for your cock. Excellent design and features, sexy amateur sluts and awesome pricing, what more can you ask for? Join Now and jerk-off to glory.


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Pics More than 200 Picture Sets
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Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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