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The MyBoobs is a prime selection of European boobs and girl-on-girl action.


MyBoobs Review

Site Overview

Breasts are everywhere on the MyBoobs, and that makes it into a really promising porn website. This portal claims to grant you access to a selection of porn videos – mostly from the softcore kind – with hot girls who have huge boobs. To make it more interesting, the MyBoobs promises you exclusive content, and eye-meltingly good video resolution, along with some sexy HQ photos. This is a hot bunch of promises and claims, and as usual, it’s up to us to find out about them. The MyBoobs is ten years old, so it has a history online. There are no content dates in the members’ area, though the tour page has dates, which suggest a weekly update schedule. However, before you would go mad about it, there is an important note: the site may update weekly, but the updates don’t feature videos only – once they add a set of pictures, at another time they add the matching videos. With this kept in mind, it’s not a big surprise that the site offers over 200 scenes and a bit more than 200 photo galleries, which together add up to a number that supports the claims of weekly updates.

Exclusivity is not an issue, since the videos were shot for this network only. But, we noticed that some scenes are available on other network sites too, since they cover the same niches, or the girl has her own solo site in the network. The quality of the videos is also quite hot, and if you like HD and Full-HD porn, you will utterly enjoy this compilation. Since we’ve mentioned the network, it’s time to get to that too. As an additional feature for your membership, the MyBoobs grants you access to the UnlimitedAccessPass. This mega-network consists of circa 30 sites, and offers you mostly softcore content. It’s a mixed compilation of US and European porn. What you get as a member is access to several solo models’ sites, amateur porn sites, some fetish porn portals, and some middle-hard hardcore portals with blowjobs, handjobs and the likes. You get it all for one site’s price, and there are live cam feeds for you to join too – sometimes you can even get one of the network models to perform for you. So, the network has exclusive content for you, and though some sites are not updating, the hottest sites – like the MyBoobs – still receive updates in increasing quality.

Design & Features

So, there are boobs. If you like big boobs, you will feel something awakening as soon as you open this site. The design is quite ordinary, with a menu on the top, and a thumbnail listed under the banner (which is an embedded player window in fact). We liked the yellow-pink-gray color theme of the site; it makes it a bit more unusual. So, there is an embedded player, which grants you access to a 2 and a half minutes long trailer… and if that won’t convince you that you need to get inside, than nothing will. So, this preview is sexy, and we want more of those delicious European breasts, that’s why we entered the inner sanctum of MyBoobs. The UnlimitedAccessPass websites have gone through some changes since we’ve last visited them, and fortunately they’ve changed for the better. In the inner section, there are two separate menus, and several sorting options to make it easier for you to find what you might like.

The top menu is the one which can help you enjoy the extras: you can switch to another network site, you can go to the live cams, and you have the option to list the network content by selecting a tag that fits your tastes. There is also a search engine you can use, and the models’ database is a fine sorting method too. The menu you can see under the banner is for the site: you can select the videos, the photos and the girls. Every list is sortable, there are three dropdowns above the listing where you can select different filters. The scenes of the MyBoobs come from the better kind. The latest ones offer 1080p or 720p, but the DVD quality SD scenes of the earliest years are also quite hot. Streaming offers only a lower resolution, so to enjoy the boobs in their full glory, you have to save the videos. There is no daily limit for the MyBoobs, but pay attention when downloading from other network sites. Mostly WMV and MP4 files are available. The photo galleries are also quite great, because even he older ones are offering actual photos, which are usually shot in better quality. Save them all by downloading them in zip file, and enjoy them on a big screen in a slideshow.

Girls & Videos

The MyBoobs has European models, probably that’s why it has the .eu extension. These models are all professional pornstars of Europe, mostly originating from Poland and the UK. Mostly two types are featured: the BBW-like chicks, and the perfectly shaped cuties. Both are hot however, and if you have a thing for large boobs, then this compilation is going to make you cum hard. There are two kinds of scenes: solo and lesbian. Now the solo scenes often feature three girls who masturbate independently – and we get some neat close ups of their juicy pussy and amazing tits too. You can enjoy some actual solo scenes too, with wet boobs and some real masturbation ending in actual orgasm. The lesbian videos are the best (at least some of us thinks so), because they feature double or triple amount of boobs, and some sweet strap-on sex too.


The folks at the UnlimitedAccessPass must have something for big breasts, because they keep the site alive, and they always have some new chicks that are eager to show their assets. Though it’s a softcore portal, the focus on big tits makes it into a considerable resource of excitement for tit-fetishist too, and if you have some other fixations, you should check the network sites.


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