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MyVeryFirstTime present exclusive and authentic porn scenes featuring all first time sex.


MyVeryFirstTime Review

Site Overview

Who was the first man to float through space? Yuri Gagarin! Who was the first man to step on the moon? Neil Armstrong! Who was the first, when was the first, where was the first… etc. Such were questions we were all asked at one time or the other even since we were toddlers. In effect, that is the way the human brain has been wired. Remembering doing something for the first time can be a little hazy, though, especially if it happened a long time ago. But do not fret; that is the exact reason MyVeryFirstTime was set up. This unique and masterfully created website serves as an archive for storing the crazy, naïve, and shocking very first time sex escapades of fresh chicks all around the world. It’s a whole new niche of sexual enjoyment.

All the videos here are 100% exclusive and authentic. They are unique to this site and cannot be found anywhere else. That makes MyVeryFirstTime the number one go-to site for all the best cute fucking, slow penetration, romantic thumping, and the most beautiful first time sex of all time. The fresh chicks on display are so innocent, so naïve, so pretty, and so sexy. They try out any and every stunt they have read in books, watched on video, or heard friends talk about. First time sex is always different, always adorable, and lasts in the brain for a life time. This explains why these girls take time out to ensure the scenes are recorded for future references and pleasure when watching themselves – back in the days. The cocks used to tear down these asshole and cunt barriers are extraordinarily huge, long, and very hard. No matter how tight the vagina is; no matter how cute it feels to the touch, these giant cocks would expertly make in-roads there. The screaming and aching, the surprise and shock, the pleasure and moaning are just some of the numerous reactions we get to see on individual videos. These girls have a deep threshold for aching; they fear no huge cock; they enjoy the sight and want them inserted immediately. Though most are yet 20 years of age, they can already decide it’s the big cocks that they want.

MyVeryFirstTime is indeed the home of all first time sex; no matter the niche, no matter the color of girl; and no matter the region; this site would give you more first time sex pleasure than you can consume in a single year. Certainly, this site has carved a new niche for itself; raising the bar for incredible first time sex even higher. Now we need not perambulate the internet searching for tube videos of fresh chicks getting their assholes and cunts banged for the first time. The volume of videos in this archive is enough to last indefinitely.

Design & Features

MyVeryFirstTime blends simplicity, technology, creativity, and superiority together to produce the very best porn site with the cutest and freshest girls getting their holes penetrated and widened by huge monster cocks. Right from the homepage, you would be treated with the most sensual scenes of girls enjoying the allure of first time anal and pussy sex. These thumbnails on the welcome page are actual still images from the main movie inside. To unlock them, users need to register and subscribe first. To do that, all that’s required is a password, a username, and a valid email address. All of these appear on a single form and can be done within a minute. The checkout page is also similar.

Just a click of the button and card details are taken; and then you become a part of the house, granted access to tons upon tons of breathtaking first time videos like never seen before. All the scenes and videos on this website are shot in 4K Ultra-Definition format. Meaning that the pictures are super crispy and clear for the viewers’ delight. This is the latest and most modern format of recording world-class videos as seen in Hollywood. This singular action propels MyVeryFirstTime head and shoulder above its competitors. And as a bonus to loyal subscribers, all these amazing videos have been converted to mobile-enabled versions for easy viewing on tablets and smartphones; as well as speed downloads of as many videos as one can cope with. Indeed, that is truly amazing. It means you would never be left out in the cold because you are not on your desktop or laptop; on the other hand, wherever you go, you can view all these wonderful videos right from your pocket.

Girls & Videos

The girls featured on this site are beautiful, sexy, bold, and very talented. Even at their innocent ages, they have all the skills to make a man moan and scream for more pleasure. They are curious and sure want to have a feeling of all those things they have read, watched, and heard friends talk about. This curiosity is mixed with naivety to produce stunning videos filled with shock, awe, surprise, aching, and untold pleasure. No site has more anal bursting videos, pussy widening videos, and the baddest first time deep throat fucking like MyVeryFirstTime. With the proper motivation and guidance, these girls are surely going to take over the porn world in no distant time, given the size of the huge cocks they are fucking even right from their very first time. It’s utterly unbelievable.


The best of the very best is what MyVeryFirstTime offers. Cute chicks, big hard cocks, gonzo fucking, and surprising first time reactions to their pussies and assholes getting thumped. Don’t miss the fun; subscribe today and enjoy the show.



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