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NuruMassage is absolutely one of the best porn massage sites that you can find.


NuruMassage Review

Site Overview

Getting massaged is a very good way to get into the mood to fuck your bitch. When a slut’s sexy hands and body massages your body, teasing your erogenous zones and your sex organs, you are turned-on immensely. Fucking your slut in this state of mind will only go to elevating your fucking experience. A porn site that gives you such an experience is a must-have in the long list of porn sites where you are a member.

There is a site that offers you to live your fantasies of watching and experiencing massage porn to your heart’s content. This is NuruMassage, a unique massage porn site that features sluts and studs in their buff, using their bodies to massage each other after applying Nuru massage gel. The slippery feel of the gel makes massage a tad difficult, but that’s the fun of Nuru gel. To get the feel of massage, it is important to be in your birthday suit. And, when the slut rubs her body against yours, you experience the true essence of Nuru massage.

Is this site worth subscribing to? Definitely. But before subscribing, it is a good idea for you to read this review we have compiled for you. The review covers the design and features of the site, as well as the sluts and videos presented. There is a unique feature of this site that will bring out your creative talent, especially your sexual creativity. We are sure of one thing. After reading this review, you will subscribe to this site immediately. So, go ahead and read the first part of this review, the Design and Features.

Design & Features

Let me start with the unique feature that this site boasts about. Called “Submit A Fantasy”, this feature allows you to share your Nuru massage sexual fantasy to NuruMassage. You submit your storyline in a form and it is shared to the user forum for a round of voting. The fantasy that gets the maximum votes and likes will be made to the next video for the site. If a porn star likes your video, you may also receive a special shout-out from your favourite porn star. Having described this unique feature, let us check out the remaining design and features of this site.

The colours that this site boasts of include black and cyan. This is a unique colour scheme that many sites do not dare to implement. The colour scheme makes for a very soothing and calming atmosphere. The site has been divided into three sections, the header, the footer and the main section. Between the header and the main section, you will find a few tabs that will take you to various parts of the website. These tabs include videos, pictures, porn stars and links to partner sites, which are also your bonus sites. These tabs are placed strategically on the left side of the site.

Towards the right, you will find the member login page, and next to it, a bright yellow box with the words “Join Now. On the header, in addition to the NuruMassage banner on the left, there is a slideshow of the partner sites towards the right. On the main section, you will find thumbnails of the latest updated videos. The videos have details such as the title of the video, date of uploading, number of likes and dislikes, comments and the porn stars featured in the site.

The site boasts of 400+ videos, 400+ pictures and nearly 300 porn stars. Wow! Aren’t these impressive numbers? This list will only grow over time, for there are multiple weekly updates. You also get a sneak-peak into the next three upcoming videos on the site. I will discuss about the affordability of this site, but at a later stage. For now, let us move to the most interesting aspect of the review, the chicks and videos.

Girls & Videos

Let me begin this section by describing you a video. Nuru massage generally has a male client coming to a slutty masseuse for a massage session, but there are Nuru massages where the other way also holds true. You may want to use the term, Reverse Nuru Massage, where a bitch wants to receive a Nuru massage from her male masseur.

One such video involves an advertising executive, Chanel Preston, trying to sell advertising at Seth Gamble’s Nuru massage spa. When Seth questions her about Nuru massage, she is in denial mode, but later admits that she has no knowledge. Seth tells her that she should book an appointment immediately and get to know about it first-hand. Apprehensive at first, she reluctantly agrees, little realizing what is in store for her. Seth takes her to the bath tub and gives her an erotic bath, making her sit between her legs and massaging her breasts and nipples. His erect dick is burning to feel her pussy and asshole, while he is controlling this very urge.

He then takes her to the massage mat and oils her body with Nuru gel. He uses his body and dick to massage her, with his dick digging deep between her ass cheeks. Excellent stuff, I must say! Things take a drastic turn when Chanel wants to feel Seth inside her, and then an insane sex session starts, with Chanel sucking Seth’s dick like there was no tomorrow, Seth fucking Chanel’s asshole lying on his side, making her cum hard. Chanel gets back to sucking his rock-hard boner, and slurps all his cum, tasting every bit of it. Isn’t this an erotic video? Are you keen on watching it? Obviously, yes.

You will find umpteen videos like this, and they are sure to turn you on. This site predominantly features normal Nuru massage, reverse Nuru massage, lesbian Nuru massage and threesomes involving two sluts and a guy or two guys and a slut. Whatever is the nature of videos, you will never miss a dull moment. The sluts are diverse, and you can find Latinas, Asians, ebonies, chicks with shaved pussies, POV videos, outdoor, big breasted, voluptuous, bootylicious, and a whole lot. Diversity also makes this site a true masterpiece.


What’s great about this site is that it meets all the criteria necessary to call it a great site, and give you the best porn experience. With a unique selling proposition called “Submit A Fantasy,” this site will bring out your creative side, and you will realize where the heck was this talent hiding in you.

With a great ambience from the color scheme, you will be surprised to find that the subscription is very affordable. From monthly, quarterly and annual membership plans to choose, you are sure to opt for the annual plan for it gives saves a significant amount of money as compared to the monthly plan. Without much ado, hit Join Now and enjoy your Nuru massage sessions without a hindrance.


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