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Price: $1.00 1 day

ObsessedWithMyself contains a mixture of photos and videos filmed by women themselves. You will see porn videos of women masturbating, undressing, or simply posing for the camera. These women are obsessed with themselves and apparently want to share their bodies with the world. While you may not find sex at ObsessedWithMyself, there is still plenty of nudity to keep you coming back for more.


ObsessedWithMyself review

ObsessedWithMyself includes amateur videos and photos taken by women themselves. With a membership to ObsessedWithMyself you will get access to original self-shot porn content. In the videos and photos at ObsessedWithMyself, women take footage of themselves undressing, nude, and masturbating. There is a variety of nude scenes at ObsessedWithMyself that is self-shot, but is this site worth the price of admission? Read the rest of this review of ObsessedWithMyself to find out.

ObsessedWithMyself includes real amateur content

The women featured on this site love taking selfies of themselves – in fact, that is the entire focus of this site. Women take photos and videos of their nude bodies and then this content is either hacked or leaked by ex-boyfriends and submitted to the website. ObsessedWithMyself is a so-called revenge site with users uploading content of their ex-girlfriends. In addition to boyfriends seeking revenge, there is content at ObsessedWithMyself that is supposedly taken from social media sites. Either way, there is a great amount of hot pictures and videos of women wanting show off their bodies. These women are truly obsessed with themselves.

ObsessedWithMyself allows streaming and downloading

You get the option to either watch the videos and look at pictures on the website or you can decide to download them. Most users will probably prefer to stream the content, as it offers slightly better picture quality than the downloadable video clips. The streaming choices are simple – with a couple of different resolutions to choose from; though, not all the content gets shown in high-definition. Users must remember that this is amateur content, so as expected – there will be occasional videos that are dark, poorly lit, and difficult to see. Your best option is to simply keep browsing for more content.

ObsessedWithMyself is on the GF network

If you have not yet heard of the GF network, it is a popular network of amateur sites with the same theme of providing hacked, leaked, and stolen amateur pornography from guys wanting to torment their exes. These sites each have an average collection of several hundred videos, offering members thousands of videos and pictures when totaled together. WatchMyGF, MyPOVGF, OralGirlfriends, and MyLesboGF are just a few of the sites on the GF network that follow the same structure of focusing on a specific porn niche.

ObsessedWithMyself final verdict

In the end, ObsessedWithMyself is a quality amateur site with a large variety of content featuring attractive women taking photos and shooting videos of themselves. The content found in these pictures and videos ranges from nude scenes taken in front of the mirror to filmed masturbation videos. The main theme throughout the site is that these women obsess over taking photos and videos of themselves. If you want to watch these intimate videos and scroll through hundreds of photos then you should definitely browse the content at ObsessedWithMyself and give it a try.

ObsessedWithMyself membership and trial plan

After reading this review you may want to get a membership to ObsessedWithMyself. Like the other websites on the GF network, ObsessedWithMyself has 3 plans, including a limited 1-day trial. Payments get accepted using credit card or a checking account. When paying for your membership to this site, ObsessedWithMyself uses a secure server so that payments are securely transferred and show up discreetly on your credit card or bank statement. The three options that you will see below include a 1-day trial, but this trial does not give full access; however, it does give you a glimpse into the type of content at ObsessedWithMyself and the rest of the amateur sites on the GF network.

  • $1.00 – 1 day limited trail membership
  • $27.95 – Standard 30 day plan
  • $59.97 – 3 months plan


Videos More than 100 Videos
Pics More than 100 Pictures Set
Download Available
Categories amateur

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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