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OfficeObsession, absolutely one of the best porn site to enjoy hardcore office themed videos in high quality.


OfficeObsession Review

Site Overview

Office Obsession is the best among other fetish porn sites in the porn industry today. Launched in 2014, Office Obsession is slowly becoming one of the most popular fetish porn sites. It has HD fetish porn that you surely don’t want to miss most especially if you are a fan of office sex. This hot fetish porn will surely leave you daydreaming during work hours with a big bulge under your pants.

Design & Features

One thing that makes a website appealing is its design— how the contents are arranged and how they are presented. I would say that Office Obsession is doing a great job in this department. With this I could conclude that Office Obsession and the management that’s handling it are doing a pretty serious job here. Why? Let’s start with the aesthetics of the site. Office Obsession has a clean, neat and well-arranged layout. The colors used all throughout the site are not eyesores. Instead, I think it looks very professional because it is not exaggerated. It does not have a lot of unnecessary decors and glitters.

It has very useful functionalities that make your browsing experience an easy one. Office Obsession does not have the site entirely for itself only. Since it is part of the BabesNetwork, the contents of the site are just posted in the network’s main site where you can just select from the dropdown menus from which site you want to view the contents. Despite this, I’d say that if you want the display the contents that are specifically just from the Office Obsession site, you can easily do so without any confusion.

Once you selected Office Obsession from the dropdown menu, you can then see a handful of office sex videos in the contents area. Here, you’ll get a good overview of the videos even before you clicked it to play. A thumbnail of the video’s highlight will catch your attention while supported by a very catchy title. You can also see how high the video’s rating is, when it was uploaded and who starred in the video. To make your browsing experience even easier, the site provides a numbered pagination where you can simply skip pages by selecting from the numbers.

Moreover, you can also sort the videos according to the following options: most recent videos, top videos and favourite videos. Speaking of favourite videos, users can also add their favourite videos in the favourites section of their profile. Also, the users can rate and comment on the videos. One of the things that I also like in this site is that they update frequently. I mean, they do not leave their members hanging. You can expect new content every two weeks. With that, the site already has 63 videos and 63 photo galleries. For the videos, the average length is 40 minutes long. On the other hand, the picture sets contain 200 to 300 individual pictures.

Looking at the quality of the contents, I would say that both photos and videos are equally good in quality. The videos have good lighting and vibrant colors. It can also be seen that they are taken by professionals because of their angles and timing. The photos do have the same professional level too! Both of them can be downloaded or viewed online. The videos can be downloaded in MP4 format with varying resolutions. The highest resolution that you can get is 1920×1080, which is a pretty good resolution, right? The photos, on the other hand, are 2240×1680 and can be downloaded in zip files. Moreover, one of the things that I also like about the membership in Office Obsession is the exclusivity of their contents. Membership to this site also gives you access to the entire BabesNetwork, which includes the following sites: Stepmom Lessons, Elegant Anal and Black is Better,

Girls & Videos

This site is definitely a haven of beautiful and semi-professional porn stars. There are also 51 models listed in the site and I’m pretty sure that the site will continue to search for deserving talents to join their team. If you are quite picky on the kind of girls that you want to star in the videos, don’t worry because Office Obsession has a lot of different girls that you surely can find the right type of girl for you. There are brunettes, redheads, and black girls.

All these girls are also pretty sexy and very seductive. They all look good on their stockings and short pencil skirts. And who would miss those sexy eyeglasses and the messy bun that indicates they had a tough day at work? Surely, these girls know how to distress through a wild and hot sex. If you are wondering where these girls are based or if any of these girls are internationally selected, these girls are all US based.

The type of videos that you can expect here is somewhat like reality porn only that these are a bit scripted. I think this is what makes it more appealing and more erotic because it tries to make the scenes less staged. The models act natural like it’s just a normal day at the office until some exciting sex scenes happen. In the videos, you’ll notice a soft music at the beginning of the scenes. In some videos, the music keeps playing until the end of the scenes while some are cut in the middle of the video where the climax is happening.


With the quality of its contents, I would say that Office Obsession is a highly recommended site for those who have sexual fantasies with their colleagues at work but can’t make them to reality. Office Obsession has a lot of different scenes that will definitely keep your hands busy inside your pants. The girls are very well selected. The bonus sites that come with the site’s membership also have a good selection of videos that will make you do some overtime porn marathon. Just make sure that you won’t feel groggy and tired at work the next day!


Videos More than 63 Videos
Pics More than 63 Picture Sets
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Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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