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OutInPublic Review

Site Overview

If you are already a regular reader of our porn site reviews, then you might have noticed us ranting every once in a while that the existing porn sites are not enough to cover every type of genre. And there are also times when we feel disappointed because even those general porn niches don’t all have a porn site of their own. We are very fortunate though that we have a very dedicated search team who are in charge of finding porn sites for us. And because of this, we usually turn these reviews around in stating how fortunate we are because we have actually found the porn site that we are looking for. But, of course, we are still not going to deny the fact that we still believe that the world can use a bit more variety in porn and porn sites. For now, though, let us focus on one of the porn genres that we are talking about – a niche that only has a few porn sites dedicated to it, however, we feel that it deserves more recognition that that. This porn niche is public gay porn.

We are fortunate, though, that we have found a porn site that offers quality porn videos to this niche and that is the porn site that we are going to talk about today. The site’s name is OutInPublic. We did not notice, though, that it is a part of any other porn network because there isn’t any mention of it in the site. Hence, we are going to consider it as a standalone porn site. We understand that there are a lot of porn fans that would prefer to join a porn network that offers a lot of different porn sites, though; we recommend that you take your time to read this review first before completely shutting out OutInPublic. After all, there are only a handful of porn sites out there that offer public gay sex videos – and this porn site, being one of them, certainly has a massive collection already. So if you truly enjoy this type of porn, there is surely no question as to why you should consider signing up for membership. Hence, we would not keep you waiting much longer anymore. Let us present to you the different membership details of OutInPublic. They actually have only two choices, a one-month membership, and a twelve-month membership. They also have a one-day trial. Let us inform you though that all of these membership plans are recurring ones that will automatically renew until you cancel them. Having said that, once you sign-up and you have really enjoyed yourself, you would not have anything else to worry about anymore. There would be no need for you to sign-up again.

Design & Features

What we have found very interesting about the website design of this porn site is that it is also very public in a way. It does not hide anything and it does not reserve any room for imagination anymore. It is very straightforward, much like its videos. Their website doesn’t have any banner, just a header including the porn site’s logo and navigation. The navigation is also very simple and straight to the point as well. There are only three options: Latest videos, Popular Videos, and the Sign-up Page. Below the navigation, you will start seeing the thumbnails already. These thumbnails represent the videos that the porn site just recently uploaded. They are presented by showing the most action-filled scene in the video. Aside from the screenshot, the thumbnails also feature other information about the said videos like their title, their length, the number of views that they have received, and their five-star rating. And that’s it – these are all the things that you are going to see in the page. These thumbnails go on until the very bottom of the page. If you want to see more of their video offerings, though, then what we suggest is for you to go beyond the homepage and explore the other pages of this porn site. We are sure that there are even more exciting videos on the popular videos page.

Guys & Videos

It wasn’t mentioned anywhere in the porn site whether these guys are amateurs or professional pornstars. The only thing that we know about them is that all of them are terribly good-looking and that even if they are not professional pornstars, we don’t really care because their performance is really good. As for the videos, they also have this amateur feel and we are thinking that the reason behind this might be because all of the videos were shot outdoors so the lighting is not in its best quality. Either way, as with the models, there really isn’t much sense in finding out which one is which.

What’s important is that the videos are of good quality with the exciting public themes that you are looking for in public videos. See them doing anything, anywhere: By the railroad tracks, along the highway, at the gym! You will be surprised at how far these guys can go. One of the favorite videos that we have watched is the one where they were just at the side of the train tracks. They did their thing when the train passed by. This means that all of the people on board the train must have seen them. It was awesome.


In the end, our verdict is that this site truly deserves two thumbs up! First, all of their videos are true to the theme – everything merits some adrenaline pumping given the sites where these guys performed their sexcapades. Next, you will find different types of guys here: slim ones, muscular, even those that look like bears. Everyone who is fond of gay porn will definitely feel right at home. In fact, if you are really fond of gay public porn videos, we believe that you would not need another porn membership from any other site anymore because OutInPublic is already more than enough to fulfill all your porn needs.



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