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PartyHardcore presents some of the craziest and hottiest sex parties that you have ever imagined.


PartyHardcore Review

Site Overview

Every guy wonders about what exactly happens on those ever-famous girls’ night parties, where only chicks are allowed – on paper only though, because there are always some male strippers to turn up the heat. Now, this site features videos that show an alternative, and though in reality most girls’ nights aren’t this hot, these videos will bring some light to the mysterious mischiefs of horny girls. The site’s name tells you exactly what you can find here: party videos with hardcore sex. Now, this is staged porn, not actual party-footages, but the collection is really nasty and hot. Each video tells the story of a party, which eventually turns into hardcore porn fest. All girls act nicely at first, but when they get their hands on a cock, all hell breaks loose.

Every movie on the PartyHardcore is exclusive, they are produced by Tainster and apart from this spectacular page you can’t find them anywhere else. When you are wondering about the updates frequency, there is good news on that field: new content arrives every week – a photo set and a video is updated on each occasion. Concerning the bonuses, there are no extra sites included in your membership, though there are third party feeds and a live cam show page in the members’ zone, so if you finished watching the more than 410 movies of this series, you still have a lot to enjoy till the next update is due.

Design & Features

The home page of the PartyHardcore is really bright, and it features some very hot thumbnails. Navigating through the tour is easy, and since it offers only standstills, you will finish it pretty soon. There are some statistics and features listed on the site, so you can get the picture about what you can find in the members’ zone. The inner pages are simple. The main navigation tool for you is the menu under the banner, where you can reach the videos, the pictures, the site’s blog, the cam shows and the models’ database. Also a community is built up around the site and there are third party feeds and discounts too.

Though the videos are very nasty, the site isn’t feeling ashamed for it, simply due to the fact that their videos are captured in amazingly good quality. This also tells that it’s not amateur porn, because there are hardly any ordinary girls running around with professional Full-HD capable cameras. And this is the main thing you have to know: the downloadable videos offer Full-HD and normal HD qualities. Naturally, you can watch the videos in the browser. The site grants access to an FLV stream of 540p (WebHD) videos. The player runs smoothly, hardly any lag occurs. Now, the photo gallery is also something you should take a good look at. These guys are not joking when they are shooting the movies: there are high-res, 4K photos added to the latest videos, but the older photos are also pretty awesome. Each set is available for download.

Girls & Videos

The chicks you can see on the PartyHardcore are real sluts. They go to a party, and when it turns hardcore, instead of leaving, they gladly suck a cock, or spread their legs and let the dancers fuck them hard. If your partner goes to parties and come home exhausted and excited, you should check the videos here, who knows where she (or he?) was. The site claims to offer the members amateur party videos, and it’s partially true. It’s quite certain that most of the girls are not pornstars, because we haven’t recognized any of them. However, they are busty and really grown-up women. These girls get turned on quite fast, and when they do, they get themselves a hard cock no matter what. In many cases, the girls don’t get totally naked, but from what we could see it’s detectable, that most of them have their natural shapes; not much of these ladies have enhancements on her body. Anyway, many of these cuties is actually cute… not the bitch-like, but the real girlfriend-like cute. What they do is outrageous, so much is true, but watching so gorgeous misses going crazy in a lustful cock-frenzy is quite amazing.

On the PartyHardcore you can find some handsome and well-hung lads, but they are not pornstars, so you won’t really feel bad when you see them. Their body might be amazing, though many of them are quite average down there. So, the site says that it’s amateur porn. As you may already get the picture, it’s just partly true. These parties are not random gatherings which took a bad turn down the road to an orgy. No, these parties were held for the sole purpose of shooting a party-porn video. In those rooms, there are PartyHardcore signs everywhere, so everybody knew what the play was. However, that doesn’t lessen the fact that these videos are remarkably hot. The girls get on with their stuff pretty soon, and as they take the clothes of the guys, it’s just plain sexy. Some of the ladies only give a bit of blowjob, but don’t let the guys fuck them. But there are really mean cunts too, who suck and offer her pussy to anyone… even to girls, so some hot lesbian action is also featured. During the parties some interracial sex happens too; the girls are very eager to get a BBC in their pussy.


The PartyHardcore is a neat site, and though it’s a standalone entity, it offers a large collection of rather lengthy party videos. The main niches – party porn, CFNM – are very popular, and since it’s also a bit of fantasy and another bit of reality-porn, it’s just an utterly satisfying experience to watch the scenes. There are very nasty things going on, and apart from blowing those whistles, the girls spread leg, bend over and let the guys fuck them out of their senses. Even some BBCs make an appearance now and then, so two heavy niches are covered at once. The site’s price is totally worth it for all hardcore porn fans.



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