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Porn animation has never so good like that one that you will watch on PerfectHentai.


PerfectHentai Review

Site Overview

I had to admit. I’ve admiring anime for all my life now and I just can’t get my mind off it. I don’t know, but I’ve come to realize that these anime, especially those with hentai content, can have a much better storyline, voice acting and even in-depth meanings than most series today on TV or even Hollywood movies! Fuck, even some sex scenes from these anime can get your heart pumping! So if you’re a fan like me when it comes to anime hentai, I might have something that could get your interest. The website is called PerfectHentai. It specializes on anime that contains nude and sex scenes that would really make your day. But that’s not all, it has a bucket load of contents that’s sure to keep you interested. It even has live-action series based on the hentai anime. I did some background check and even found out that there are full length series here complete with episodes and seasons that keeps getting updated every week. So it’s basically a haven for all those hentai contents we’ve been looking for all day long! Where the hell has this site been gone for the past few years? Everything we’ve been ever looking for is right here in front of us now. But I understand your doubts and concerns, so before you get to judge, let’s take time and check out this site from top to bottom shall we? Who knows what we’ll find inside this Mega Site for hentai contents!

Design & Features

The website has indeed amazing features and navigation system. As I entered the site, I immediately saw an entire updated collection of hentai anime that are full HD. The anime preview contents are arranged by rows and columns at the homepage itself. The entire site is fashioned with red, pink and white color theme. The flash animations sync very well with your mouse movements and mouse click. One other thing you should notice about the homepage is that, the contents of the homepage are the newest videos that were uploaded by the site. So if you’ve just logged in after a long day, you won’t have to go through so many links to find the latest episode because its already there in the homepage. But other than videos and pictures, this site also has other contents like flash toons and games. Very entertaining if you’re looking for some fun and sexy games to play with.

Now here’s another big thing about this site. They have this feature called the Streaming DVD Theatre. This option allows all members to actually watch a movie at the same time and even have some conversations along the way. Really entertaining and fun for ya’ll anime lovers. Community is always a good thing. Even in porn and hentai. The categories this site has is not that many but not that lacking either. They have categories like Softcore, Hardcore, Toonvision, Movies, Lesbian, 3D Pinups, Japan Girls and even Manga Comics. So you’re pretty much gonna find everything you’ll be looking for in these categories. Oh yeah, if you’re looking for those live action hentai movies, it’s all there in the Japan Girls category.

Characters & Videos

The animation and the voice acting sounds like their doing it behind the mic. I’m not overreacting. This site has brilliantly filtered the hentai content so that only the best will be shown to the audience. A lot of hardcore anime lovers found themselves drooling over the next episodes with this site’s hit series like Servant Princess (a story about a princess getting her royalty destroyed by her own guardsmen), Karakuri Ninja (A proud ninja girl who’s about to get a surprise from her sensei), Five Cards and more. Also, all these anime have their own live actions. That’s why these anime that I’ve mentioned has reached the top on the list. The acting and the fuck scenes during the live action are totally legit my friend. They don’t even try to sensor the stuff. You can really see those huge cocks getting drilled into these cute ninja girls.

As far as I can see, this site has pretty much all the best hentai anime there is out there and more. You see, the video statistics on this site says that it contains over a thousand videos already, and not only that, it is also available and ready for download anytime! So you better get those internet connections ready! The formats of which you can download it on are MP4 (1280×720; 3978k), MP4 (1280×720; 3978k; streaming), and MP4 (640×480; 1600k). These are high quality formats for an anime hentai. As for the pictures, you can download them per set via Zip file or pdf format. Each page contains 20 hot sizzling pictures that would surely burn your eyes! Within the site, you’ll also get a chance to see the artists behind the voice acting. Man, they’re really hot I’m telling you!


It has been quite a long day finding that one hentai site that will truly satisfy. So now let’s get ready to rate this one if it measures up as one of the best hentai sites there is. As for the website’s features, I can’t complain. It has a really nice navigation system that takes you directly where you want to go. It has very attractive design and color schemes, the video thumbnails are also nicely arranged, not too big and not too shabby, and the distance between them are just right. All very pleasant to the eyes. Talking about the content, the anime characters are easily lovable, and the live action stars are fucking hot. I don’t know where they got these actors and actresses, but with the way they dress, it’s like they popped right out of the anime itself! It’s amazing how they managed to give perfect justice the hentai! So it looks like this will be an easy one folks! 10/10 from me! Enjoy!


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Pics More than 1.000 Pictures
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