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PovD is absolutely one of the best site to choose if you want amazing hardcore porn videos in POV style.


PovD Review

Site Overview

Most adult entertainment videos show both or sometimes all parties involved, you can just see the man meat, of different colours and sizes, beating the gorgeous woman’s pussy and as a spectator you let your imagination flow and let yourself get involved, however it is difficult to do so if you see someone else’s dingdong pounding the woman’s pussy and playing with her pink bud. POVD is an adult entertainment site that shows different beautiful and hot women banged in your very own point of view, this will boost your imagination and give off the vibe that it is real and that it is really happening, which will in no doubt excite you more.

Design & Features

This site has the best and the most cinematic like type of adult videos, it has the highest quality from picture to audio. The women featured on the site are of the highest quality as well, they have slender bodies and beautiful faces, massive tits and perfect asses, and they are handpicked based on their hotness and their versatility and they go through an audition process to ensure the quality of the performances.

All of their contents are updated regularly so you will have thousands of choices, new videos are uploaded 2 to 3 times in a week, all of their contents are also available for download and they come in various formats such as HD, SD, MPEG and WMV, they are all compatible with iPhones, iPads, Blackberry and Android phones. Once you become a member of the site you will be able to download as many videos and photos as you want and you can also use their fast streaming option if you want to use your desktop computer, they also have an easy to navigate mobile version of the site for those who want to use their phones.

The site comes with a 24/7 customer support that you can contact via email, web, or through their 1-800 hotline number, they are always ready to answer your questions and help you with your concerns. They also guarantee the security and safety of your personal information, and for the foreign members they also offer about 13 languages upon signing up for their convenience.

Girls & Videos

The videos on this site will give you an incredible experience that you have never felt in other sites, they’re focused on the women and it will feel like it is in your point of view as the only thing that is shown in the camera are the women and the cocks that are banging them. In one video it showed a woman who approached what seemed to be someone on the beach chair, and she asked if he could apply lotion on her back; it then shows a hand reaching out to grab the bottle and spread the lotion on her back, all of these are seen straight through the screen as if you are the one who is applying lotion on her.

The woman then stood up after the lotion was applied and revealed her bare breasts as she took her top off; the camera then was angled in a way that it seemed as though the viewer was lying on the chair as the woman continued to strip naked, as she took everything off she turned around and both hands reached out and squeezed her butt and spread the butt cheeks so that the viewers could get a glimpse of her hole. She then faced that camera again as a massive cock was out, fully erect and she sat on it while the viewers see her in an angle wherein as if she was sitting on their cocks, she then squeezed her breasts together before slowly bounce up and down, ramming the cock in and out of her pussy. Two hands then grabbed her waists to support her and to help her keeping her balance as she rode the cock and did her own pacing; she then hopped off and the camera followed her by standing, she then went down on her knees and grabbed the cock and sucked it while looking straight at the camera.

She sucked the tip while pumping and caressing the shaft of the man meat, she then licked the shaft and played with the balls before sucking the tip again and she even tried to fit as much of it as she could on her mouth and down to her throat. The woman then laid on the beach chair and she spread her legs wide open, showing a shaved pussy, a finger started teasing her by spreading her pussy and inserting the finger in her hole while the camera gets a close up on her pussy as if the viewers are giving eating her out while fingering her. She then went on all fours as the camera stood up again and held her waist, spread her butt cheeks and bang her pussy from behind, the camera shows the massive cock going in and out of her pussy in a fast pace and her butt cheeks slapped as the massive cock is pounding her.

The cock was pulled out and the next angle showed that the woman was about to ride the cock again, she looked straight to the camera as she seductively wiped her lips while slowly inserting the man meat into her, her arms rested on what is supposed to be the chest of the viewer as she rammed the cock in and out of her again and fully took control. The video then ended with her on her knees again as cum was shot all over her face.


This adult entertainment site is unique in its own way, it is different from the rest in a sense that they show the scenes as if it was the viewers who were having sex with their models; they do all sorts of positions so surely you will be able to enjoy watching the women in all sorts of angles and rest assured, after watching the videos, you will be releasing your own load in seconds.


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