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PuffyNetwork is a great porn portal offering sexy European girls and various porn niches. Enjoy great HD videos.


PuffyNetwork Review

Site Overview

I have reviewed many adult entertainment portals in my career before. This had given me a chance of getting to know a lot about the various types of sex locale that are operational in the market. But this is the first time that I will be reviewing a whole network that is associated with the production and selling of porn. This is the Puffy Network. All those who are interested in watching sexual contents that feature sexy Eastern European lassies must have heard the name of this portal and those who love the sight of pussies must be aware of the presence of this portal too. Yes friends! Among all the other locales that I have checked, this is the place where you will surely find the best of the lot.

The models are so good-looking that you will be confused whether to keep looking at their faces or take a glimpse at their pussies and sex activities. So, all for all you sex lovers out there, who are still untouched by the magic of Puffy Network, prepare yourself for an amazing journey in the corridors of this sex heaven. The makers of the Puffy Network took a chance by establishing this locale in the year 2013. It took under its wings four sites. The contents of the site can be divided into three categories, about which I will be telling you in the later parts of the review. The concept of the portal is nothing that I have seen before. Here you will get to saver the taste of different types of adult entertainment contents.

The members of the locale will be able to check out the sites that fall under the wings of the mother portal. Since the inception, the concept of the forum has been attracting the eyes of many. For this reason the membership has been shooting through the roofs. But do you think this is the only reason behind the success story? If yes then you are absolutely wrong. The first aspect that has contributed to the success happens to be the factor of the creative ideas of the makers. None of the other networks that are operating in the market ever came out with the thought of merging various genres of porn together. This has surely been a popular concept. In this locale you will get to see the three groups of adult entertainment videos- the lesbian sex, the solo scenes that also include peeing and the hardcore movies that are featured on sexy lassies giving intense blowjobs to the partners.

The second feature happened to be the various developments that have been made in the way the admin runs the network. From the creative aspect of movie design to the editing table and site management, all has been taken care of in a meticulous manner. If you browse the internet, you will get many portals that specialize in a single genre but Puffy Network has taken it a step further just to cater to the needs of the common porn lovers. Though you may not be able to find intense cunt drilling action, for those who love fetish films and pink pussies, this is a heaven.

Design & Features

In the modern world, everything is driven by technology. Its importance has been increasing in the daily lives of the people. This has taken its toll on the desires of porn lovers as well. This is the only reason as to why the makers of Puffy network have been pondering over the fact of incorporating oodles of technological advancements in the contents. The start of it happened with the replacement of old cameras with hi-end ones for better quality of videos and stills. The software that was used to edit the contents surely falls in the top categories. This makes the work of the technicians easy and you get good quality contents. The direct result of this development has been seen in the resolution of the videos and images.

The network has always been catering to the needs of the customers by delivering full HD quality videos. Since the middle of the year 2015, they have also started the introduction of 4K Ultra High Definition movies in the portals that fall under them. Here you will get resolutions of around 3840×2160 at 25 mbits. Apart from these, you will get other options of decent yet HD resolution of 1080p (at 1920×1080 and 6 mbits), 320p, 720p, 480p. Even the stills are available in 2800×1867 resolutions, that can be possessed in Zip format. The page can be browsed properly as the navigational facilities are really lucid. This has been seconded with the ease of operations that have been provided by the user friendly nature of the locale. The tabs will provide you instant access to the materials. There are many hyperlinked thumbnails with video caps that will transport you in the main page of the particular portal that falls in this network. With high quality contents, comes the facility of downloading and streaming in various modes. For saving and storing the materials for future viewing, use MP4 and WMV. For online viewing, use Flash and MP4. The restrictions of DRM are not applied on the contents.

Girls & Videos

When it comes of the chicks and the clips that have been graced by their presence, you will feel like you are in a candy shop that is full of delicious treats of various flavors. The ladies may all be of eastern European origin still you will get to watch different structures and divas with different hair, complexion and breast sizes. Some have hair on their pussies while others are clean shaven. The whole network can boast of 1176+ clippings and each of these comes with associated galleries, which make 1176+ sets of stills. Each movie runs for no more than 15 minutes. With these, you will also get the contents of the 3 other sister forums. The ladies are seen playing with their pussies, using different types of dildos and pumps as well. The approach of the portal is very professional. They always strive to keep you on the way of getting the maximum pleasure.


I will surely recommend this portal to all who are interested in watching the various maneuvers of sexy divas, with the puffy cunts that they possess.



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