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RacksAndBlacks provides some of the sensational interracial hardcore porn scenes around.


RacksAndBlacks Review

Site Overview

RacksandBlacks is a site that features black men having sex with women of different ethnicity, most of the models of the site are white women but they also have Latinas and Asian in their diverse group. The site shows the best and the biggest cocks and the most perfect round breasts; if you have ever wondered why women of different races are into having sex with black men, then you need to watch the videos of this site, they know how to drill a pussy, they can fuck you right in the ass and their packages are very massive and will fill you up and satisfy you. All of these are featured and shown on the site.

Design & Features

Powered by Brazzers since 2013, this site has been uploading thousands of high definition porn videos and they have one of the best performances on the adult entertainment world. All of their videos can be downloaded and converted to match your device; you can convert them into mp3, mp4, WMV, AVI and more, you can transfer them into your device such as Iphones, Ipads, Iphones and many others. Each of their videos also has a summary so you will have an idea about what it will be about and you can have a background about who the models are.

At the left side you will be able to see the ranking of the most popular models on the site, they are voted via the views of their videos. You can also check the profiles of all 24 models of the site; they have beautiful and sexy white, Latina and Asian models like Starla Sterling, Kara Nox, Carmella Crush, Chavon Taylor, Cassidy Blue and many others. Aside from being able to view the profiles of the models and watch their performances, you can also sign up as a model yourself, they have a link to the form at the bottom part of the screen, they give opportunities to those who want to join them and to those who want to be a part of the site, and if you have any questions about it or your subscription then you can contact their customer support hotline, they are available 24/7, or you can also email them. If you want to receive updates about the site through your personal email then you can sign up to their newsletter to receive them in real time.

Girls & Videos

The site also features gangbangs that involves multiple men and one white woman, in one video which stars Harley Raine, one of the site’s gorgeous model, it showed her dancing sexily in front of the camera, she then slowly and seductively opened her blouse revealing her perky breasts and perfect figure. As she was sitting on the couch, three black men approached her, all of their cocks were massive and were throbbing at the sight of her sexy figure. One man sat on the couch beside her and started caressing her thighs, while the other two stood next to her and played with their cocks. She then knelt and took the big black cock of the guy who was sitting and she sucked him, slowly at first but she sped up when she was able to adjust. As she was sucking his cock, one guy who was standing next to her squeezed and slapped her round, white ass; he then grabbed her by the waist and started ramming his fat, long black cock into her pussy.

Not expecting the length and width of his cock she was taken aback, the surprised look was evident on her face as she was not ready to take a massive man meat, as she was being fucked raw from behind, the guy who was in front of her fixed her hair to the side and grabbed her head, making her go back into sucking him. They all found a rhythm for when the guy at the back was fucking her and thrusting his hips, she got to dig her mouth deeper into the cock that was in front of her; the third man then entered the picture making the man fucking her from behind pull out as he took over, he made her kneel again as he took her by the waist and he pounded his dick into her, and she continued sucking the cock of the guy who was sitting on the couch.

The second and third man took turns into fucking her pussy and after a few minutes all three of them lifted her, the guy on the couch made her sit on his lap and he drilled her pussy while she was facing the camera, and the two guys stood at each side and made her suck then alternately. The man who was sitting on the couch started thrusting his hips hard and fast, which made her scream and moan, the other two men grabbed her head and rammed their cock into her mouth, making sure that not a second passed by that it was empty.

They lifted her again and made her lay on the couch as all three of them took turns into fucking her pussy, as one man pounds their massive cock into her the other two would quickly make her blow them. After they were done they made her kneel and they made her suck all three of them, she alternately gave them a blowjob and a handjob. The video then ended with her getting a facial as all three of them shot their cum all over her face.


RacksandBlacks not only features sex between well-built black men with impressive packages and white women but they also feature threesomes, foursomes, orgies, indoor sex and outdoor sex. They also do anal and cum shot which are very popular in the adult entertainment industry.


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