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RealAsianExposed presents an exciting collection of amateur videos and sexy Asian beauties.


RealAsianExposed Review

Site Overview

Innocent looking eyes better not fool you. There are no saints out there, just daring cronies with a catlike impulse. The cuties, Real Asian Exposed deliver to your eyes some of the juiciest of Asian blood. If tawny skins were your old-time fantasy, come celebrate the inner chambers of ultimate cupcake-chested angels relentless to wear masculine fellows down by their pussies, lips, and asses.

Design & Features

Real Asian Exposed has a decent design and layout. With a few curtailed scenes baiting you for more Asian enchanters, membership is the only way into this forbidden romp land. Throwing the brassieres and underskirts wide open to the tit and pussy addicts, the website has a lot more to offer in a welcoming layout, videos, pictures and a drop down category menu that gives you the keys to more Asian treasures. You may need to have a seat and let lose your groins. While savoring a selected video, the website gains a wonderful responsiveness to give the window prominence on the page without sacrificing on potentially related content.

You also get a chance to favourite a video, give it a thumbs up or down, and comment. On the side of the window, you get to view what pussy wielders and voluptuous Asian brood is on webcam at the time that needs your immediate attention. On the top right corner, you get a portal to link to other juicy brown queens in peer sites such as Da GFs for more hormone inducing treat. On the top left corner is a chance to give a feedback about the website construction. That is a commendable endeavor from the admin.

Girls & Videos

Real Asian Exposed is indeed an inner chamber of the eastern fairies where the girls are ripe and dripping grease for the horny papa. Videos are produced with a keen eye on the Asian tempered personality hogged by boisterous lust-spirited folk from the east who dissect with their dicks. Their powerful hands have anything but mercy. From what I gathered, I believe the guys behind it focused on hardcore porn production with a few scattered soft-core with soprano wailing amateurs on the receiving end.

By packing at least 180 video scenes of hot barbaric romp and an additional 280 and counting pictures, it has a worthy collection for a worthy membership fee. Models are diverse. Just punch in an alphabet like M for Mae, S for Sasha and J for Juliette and the list unfurls with a battery of gorgeous easterners who mastered the art of dick therapy and stroking. English is not used in some videos which  but that cannot  alienate some fanatics tied to English meaning because the actions speak for themselves.

Good enough the website cherishes uncovered genitals which seem to be the Asian norm. However, a major plus would be fresher videos that exclusively come in full HD. Not even a nipple wart nor a slimy streak oozing from these sweet lipped pussies would be missed. Videos are numerous for your choosing, from quarter hour quickies with a hot burning Cambodian in dotted lace knickers to the 40 or so minute shoot featuring a black Godzilla and a voluptuous tanned cutie with a bumpy pussy. Snippets are available too if at all you need to peek at the best part while on a rush.


I highly recommend this Asian fuck-house that features all sorts of chicks, from skinny to heavy GFs. The inclusion of HD videos on all incoming fresh files is positive to the audience. With pussy and dick fights, nothing substitutes for crystal clarity. A few issues such as rotating content may raise concerns, but not that frequent.


Videos More than 180 Videos
Pics More than 280 Pictures Sets
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