SapphicLovers Review



SapphicLovers has plenty of lesbian porn videos that will surely drive you insane.


SapphicLovers Review

Site Overview

Oh, I just love lesbian porn and all the glory it holds. Imagine all the girls grinding against each other and having the time of their lives as they bring about the hot and erotic game play of a harem chock full of naked women with shaved and unshaved pussies. All I can imagine is the sopping wet sound each scene makes as ladies after ladies pit their legs against each other in a sensual scissoring motion, all while moaning in pure pleasure and ecstasy.

I am seeing horny ladies shove dildos into each other, may it be glass or not, and fucking each other in leather strap on. The toys come in a variety of sizes, some much too big to even fit but they still make it work anyway. I love how these girls are so into each scene that they are in and I love how sensual it looks despite it being hardcore and rowdy – because girls, man. Girls have this certain power over men like me and I am not scared to admit that. I am all for women, no matter the sexuality they have. Sure, they prefer girls. I also happen to like girls get on top of girls. I like girls writhing in pleasure under girls. I like girls with girls, in general. I do not scorn and mock men and women action or porn sites, but I have this soft and special spot for lesbian ones all because the more girls there are, the merrier it becomes.

Not to mince my words, I give you guys SapphicLovers. It is far from perfect and it does have room for a slight improvement but it is still one of my favorites. It is being managed by a famous porn company and it has been around since early November of 2014. SapphicLovers has girls of different ethnicities engage in stimulating and hardcore lesbian sex. You will see tons of lewd and smutty behavior, partnered with the right amount of sexual appeal. Mix those all together and you will have the recipe of a perfect Sapphic action. The girls are gorgeous and the site solely appreciates the individuality of each lady. The competition may be tough for these lesbian porn sites but SapphicLovers is a must see and I am certain you won’t regret ever subscribing here. The site itself houses quite the number of scenes and each of these is in really good quality. There are things that the site lacks but that is easily ignorable as they are not too dire and drastic. So grab a seat, relax, and enjoy every moment you spend here in this heavenly piece called SapphicLovers.

Design & Features

The overall design for SapphicLovers is pretty neat and clear. It is not much but that is the reason why I like it. It does not seem frilly or excessive at all and it gets right to the point. Also, I like how the site seems so natural and illuminated. Personally, I do not really like dark themed porn sites because it just seems so over the top most of the time. I do love minimalist themes on them because you would not be busy ogling at the atrocious background and fonts, instead, you would concentrate and enjoy the content more. SapphicLovers has just that and I like how neat their site is.

The navigation is fairly easy and I never had a problem making my through everything ever since I became a member. The main menu is located right above the site itself, on the upper right corner (your right), adjacent to the website’s very “girly” logo that is emblazoned in pink. The main menu consists of the home button, the network button, the movies’ button, the model index, the member’s log in page, and the extra sites that tag along. It is rather obvious where these “buttons” link to and what their purposes are. If you need to go back to the main page, click that home button. For the entire movie/scene list, go right ahead and click the movies’ button.

If you want to access the bonus sites, head on to the bonus button. The point is, everything is easy to do and it does not require much of an effort. The entire site is not cluttered and all seems to be in place. The site also has a model index where you can search for your favorite stars – the page itself will show you photos of each individual girl and right at the bottom of the photos are their corresponding names. The site will allow you to rate each scene after you have watched them and you can store them in your favorites for easy browsing the next time you decide to pay the site a visit. You can also filter and arrange the content using the tags. Unfortunately, the site does not have any photo galleries or individual photos (taken by professionals). What they have are a couple of video caps that aid each scene. As a member of SapphicLovers, you are also entitled to gain access to 70+ bonus sites. And yes, for free.

Girls & Videos

Tons of girls, so little time. These girls are all over each other and it is not hard to see why. They are all beautiful and have quite the sexual appetite, to boot. The scenes they are in are either naughty or just plain hardcore. The video count is now close to more than a hundred and it is till apparently growing, with all the weekly updates going on, and them adding videos once or twice a week. Sure, some contents are being rotated but that’s only a few of them and the new ones are still dominating the scene.

All the scenes and movies in the site can easily be watched via streaming or downloading. All of them come in mp4 format and with a pixel resolution of 1280 x 720. The older ones may hold a lower resolution but that’s just a few number and they are still pretty decent. Full HD playback is available and you can do that twice and the scenes last for an average of 20 minutes or less.


I have explored every nook and cranny of this lesbian heaven and I am totally just going to go and recommend it to those of you who love every bit of lesbian sex as I do. The video quality is absolutely terrific and the video count is high up. Plus, updates are happening every now and then. Weekly, to be exact. The girls are absolutely gorgeous.


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