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On ScandiPorn you can enjoy great scenes of European porn and super sexy Scandinavian chicks.


ScandiPorn Review

Site Overview

For the most part, I have always wanted to go on a European trip or as what most people would call Euro Trip. For those of you who do not know what this entails, it just means you are going to go backpacking all over Europe taking trains and lame cars just to get to your next destination. Since Europe is not all split up and stuff and every single state and country is connected by train rails and roads (sometimes the sea), traveling all over is a piece of decadent cake.

Sure enough, Europe has one of the best views and sceneries in the entire world but Europe also has a lot, and I mean a lot, of beautiful women. Beautiful in a lot of senses; gorgeous faces, hot bodies, and perky personalities (no, I am not talking about their nipples). The thing with these girls are they seem to be up for anything, regardless of your intentions. They are all for parties, binge drinking, wild nights in the beach coast, bar hopping, and even sex! Some of these “open minded” girls do not seem to mind too much about hitting it up with a random stranger, regardless if it is a foreigner or not.

This is one of the pretty reasons why I want to hit up Europe – the girls all seem very interesting. Yeah, straight out, I just want to get laid. But for people like me, it is pretty tough to get there and so some of us opt for the cheaper alternative. Porn sites. European porn sites, to be exact. With the World Wide Web rearing its head and growing to an alarmingly large rate, the amount of porn sites also keep increasing and with that, the redundancy of certain genres seem to be more possible. Sure enough, there are a lot of European porn sites to date and I had a hard time picking out something that really spoke to me.

Queue in ScandiPorn where its primary features center around Nordic women who love to fuck and get fucked in return. These ladies love to engage in slutty and smutty things like lesbian sex that involves a lot of steamy cunnilingus and scissoring, or threesomes, or double penetrations, or gang bangs, or really big orgies with other European folks – ScandiPorn basically brings out the best of Euro Porn. It is not all about the women too (even though majority of the focus stays on them) but the men, as well. Without these horny men, what would these horny and slutty women do? Aside from pussies, they seem to be craving an awful lot of cocks as well.

Design & Features

In order to access all features of ScandiPorn, you will need to be a premium member of the site. You will have to register and choose a payment plan. Also, note that there is no trial version of the site available so you will have to make up your mind before anything else. It is possible to cut off your membership as you like though. I have not tried this out yet but a friend of mine said there is no penalty, although you have to wait for a few more days. Not getting ahead of myself, I don’t think you will be thinking of terminating any time soon once you become a member though – this site is heaven on earth. Or in this case, heaven on the World Wide Web.

Once you have become a member, you will be granted access to everything else in the website, plus a number of bonus sites that are under the ExtremeMovieCash network. These sites are all equally hardcore and can be a little better than ScandiPorn itself, so I think that is one of the many merits you get once you sign up for this porn site. You will have access to places like Sex Flex Video, DP Orgasm, Whores in Public, Sweet Party Chicks, Mountain Fuck Fest, Flexi Dolls, Spandex Porn, and many more.

The design for ScandiPorn is not worth mentioning really as it’s just on the boring side. With only a patterned background and fonts to boot, I don’t think it’s very important to discuss about it. The navigation though, is just as simple as ABC or one, two, three. Links are in a row at a tab on top of the main page, just below the page banner. You get the home page button, the movies button, the network button, the member’s button, and for those of you who have not joined yet, the register button. It’s self explanatory and you will find it very easy to get around. Other than rating the videos, you cannot do anything else. I would also like to add that there are photo sets available for ScandiPorn but you will only get to watch them in a slideshow version. All of these photos are in very good shape and quality and I am sure you will enjoy them.

Girls & Videos

With 130+ videos and counting in this site, you should expect a vast amount of women in different attributes. These women may differ physical-wise but they do share the same passion when it comes to fucking and getting fucked. Now that I’ve made that clear, lets discuss quality and quantity. All 130+ scenes share the same quality, with a 640 x 480 pixel resolution.

These scenes can either be streamed on your browser or downloaded to your device in an mp4 format. Unfortunately, that is the only format they support at the moment despite being around since 2013. Anyway, the quality isn’t what you call magnificent and HD but still very decent. You can download the full length videos and there are no limits.


I have a few things to discuss about ScandiPorn but nothing really major. First, the video quantity is just slightly improving at the very moment but they seem to have sped up since the last time I have checked. Second, quality could be better but it is really very good despite not being HD. Third, there is a lack of browsing materials but with the simple design they’ve worked up, that does not count as an issue. Other than those, I feel that ScandiPorn can be a very good porn site with lots of hidden potential. I do recommend it though, so feel free to try it out.


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