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SeducedByACougar offers stunning porn videos featuring horny and hot MILFs with an insatiable sexual appetite.


SeducedByACougar Review

Site Overview

Let us introduce you a porn-series which has been running for a decade now, and it still can provide fun and hardcore porn videos for those who care. Getting seduced by a cougar could happen to anyone – you just have to leave the comfort of your home, go to a bar, and find one… it’s not that hard. However you have to gather all your bravery for that, so you should just get your tail behind your legs, and go home and turn on the computer. Fortunately, the SeducedByACougar is always there for you. Since it’s one of the series produced by the NaughtyAmerica, it features situations that turn into hardcore sex at a point… and these are just the things you might fantasize about.

When you start exploring the site, you can get back to the first videos of this series. The first scenes were added in 2006, and since then, there were many update occasions, though they weren’t too consistent. As a method, we can say that usually 2-3 videos are added each month, but sometimes there might be large gaps between them – like three weeks between the occasions. Since the series is produced by the NaughtyAmerica, you get what you expected to get: a full network access. In fact, the site doesn’t even exist as a standalone entity. After you decide to join, you find yourself with more than 6,900 hardcore porn videos to watch. The main goal of the NaughtyAmerica is to provide the members with videos which represent their daydreams, erotic fantasies, and also fulfill their needs to watch some hot, studio-made porn. When you embark onto exploring this collection, you may notice that there are not just any old HD and Full-HD scenes, but a large number of 4K flicks are available too… and they are all exclusive.

Design & Features

It’s probably not a surprise, that the site where you land if you try to reach the SeducedByACougar is the hub of the NaughtyAmerica, it’s the flagship site. On the central area, you can find the list of the videos. Without registering, you can view a preview trailer, and there is the list itself – you can go back in time and see how the cougars changed during the years. You also have the chance to explore the network. Now, when you log in, the layout will remain the same, there won’t be any drastic changes.

You can browse everything from the inner page, and you don’t even have to leave to access the network’s content. There is a nice tool, called Porn Finder, which can help you in performing a punctual search for the hottest porn you seek. Every one of these options are available on mobiles too; the site has a pretty neat interface. All of the videos are yours. You can save them and keep them, but you can also enjoy the benefits of in-browser viewing – no waiting, though the quality isn’t as great. Those who are pixel-crazy should go with downloads, because there are lots of HD, Full-HD and even a few 4K scenes to get.

Girls & Videos

If you were specifically searching for cougars, you probably know what they are. But, in case you are getting a feeling that you are at the wrong place, you should know: the cougar we’re talking about are not those fast, deadly creatures of the jungle. No, these cougars are the lonely MILFs and matures who are doing everything to get some fresh hard cock into their pussy. Since it’s one of the older series of the NaughtyAmerica you will notice that the girls are improving with the video quality – though the word ‘girls’ is far from useful here – and they are just getting hotter and hotter. This is probably due to the reasonable prices and fast procedures in the cosmetic surgery field, so every women can get a large fake breast nowadays, for quite a good price. So, these women however are not just any women. They are professional pornstars, just dropping by to shoot a few flicks with the NaughtyAmerica. They usually all have enhanced breast, and it’ quite certain that some of their other body parts are also upgraded.

Because the site focuses on cougars, you can mostly find here hot women over the fourth X, but all of them are surely over the third one. It seems that the majority of the models are Caucasians, so ethnic variety isn’t really present. Those of you who enjoy watching hardcore sex, and also prefer cougars will find here a very hot collection to browse. These videos are professionally captured, and they are also all staged, scripted. There are different situations here and if you know the NaughtyAmerica you certainly know that you can expect some of your cougar-related sex-fantasies coming to life on the screen. Fortunately, the videos are improving, and though the older scenes are mostly in normal resolution, the videos they add nowadays are all in 4K, so you can have your eyes excited too. As for the sex, it’s quite sure that you may find it just plain hardcore. These videos don’t feature anything too hard, but watching fresh lad fucking the brains out of these hot cougars is exciting. You won’t find here too many anal scenes, but there are hot blowjobs and a lot of juicy pussy-pounding. The videos are sexy, that’s true, however they are mainstream scenes, which means that you might find them a bit too neat… nevertheless the excitement is guaranteed.


The NaughtyAmerica is one of the greatest porn providers. With the fantasy-focused approach, the studio can produce videos which just cover all our fantasies. Since there is a really fun porn finder tool, if you have a fantasy, you can easily see if it’s featured, or at least elements of it appear. The technological advances are always present in the porn industry, and nothing shows it better than the newly added 4K videos on the SeducedByACougar. With the network access you can find more of it, and if you have the right equipment, you can even enjoy virtual reality porn too.



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