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SelfDesire Review

Site Overview

Girls are heaven’s gift to us men. Or for some of us, women. Why is that? Well, girls are the ultimate fluffs. They might come in different shapes, sizes, and all in all in a different physical attribute, but you have got to admit that they are all beautiful no matter what they look like. Not to be weird or anything but if Science actually built something that would help me genetically turn into a legit female with gorgeous genes, I would touch myself all day, everyday. Speaking of which, let us talk about girls and their possible queers of touching themselves. If I see a girl doing that, that can possibly tantamount to direct erection and some vigorous hand activity.

I mean, if you are the type of person who would go all out as to watching girls online, fingering themselves, or playing with themselves, you would eventually and most certainly love the sight of that. I am one of those guys and when I see porn sites dedicated to such magnificent theme, I do not go for second thoughts and thorough calculations – I immediately go for it, click the button, and enjoy the hell out of my new found glory. But with that in mind, there are also porn sites that do not give the necessary satisfaction I need, and so I move on, sadly but surely, onto the next thing I see. The Internet is a huge place where a lot of things are hidden: some of these are boots on a fishing line while some are treasures to begin with. The same way applies to porn, sometimes you get the bad ones and sometimes you are lucky enough to land a really good one. Also, this is why reviews are important.

All jokes aside, Team Skeet always knows what their audience wants. A perfect example is when they brought about SelfDesire and all the glory it beholds. It does not only feature gorgeous women in naked glory but all the good happenings in between. When you are as gorgeous as these women, you can’t help touching yourself, especially when your audience riles you up. These gorgeous ladies like to talk dirty to their audience as they touch themselves in their naughty areas. They like to fondle their breasts, lick their fingers as they prepare to finger themselves in pleasure. It does not stop there though as they also love playing with pleasure toys. They like shoving dildos up their asses or their pussies and all these you can see in perfect high definition. Team Skeet has always been keen on satisfying their audience and they did not fail with this one at all – because who could turn down a hot scene of a woman obviously touching herself for the pleasure of her viewers and of herself. The ladies also do not forget to interact with their audiences and like speaking with them in naughty ways. Surely, a video or two of these ladies will get you pumping and there is no shame in admitting it. The theme is quite unique and the site focuses on glamour models and sex toys. Glamour models because these ladies look classy as they can be and because they only play with themselves, it looks rather clean and not raunchy at all.

Design & Features

SelfDesire has a fairly clean website design and it exudes the same classiness the girls present have. To be honest, I was a little reluctant about the pink polka dotted background but it seems to work well with the genre of the site. Do not get me wrong, there is nothing wrong about pink backgrounds. Other than that, the text platform is white so they opted for a black and grey font to enhance it. When you enter the site, you will immediately be greeted by a slideshow of photos with naked girls touching themselves on it. These are the latest videos they put up in the form of video caps. There is a description right beside it and it perfectly sums up what you will be seeing in this porn site.

For those of you who are not members yet, you will not be able to access any features the site has nor be able to watch any videos. Although there is a one buck trial, this only serves for a day and your access is simply limited. You will notice on top of the site, you will see options of bookmarking the site itself and being able to see their Twitter account. Other than that, there are no other links found on top. Below that slideshow is where you will find a model index that would be navigated to and fro using a pagination link. Here you will find the names and portraits of the girls along with their biographies. By clicking on a portrait or the name of these girls, you will be prompted immediately to a page where you can watch their individual videos.

You can also access their photo sets and their solo trailers. As of the moment, there are 40+ photo sets on the site and they are all in hi resolution. Lucky for you, you also get to have free access to other sites that are under the Team Skeet network, just as long as you have your SelfDesire membership.

Girls & Videos

The girls of SelfDesire, are well, desirable. When you see them, you will see why. These ladies are at the top of their game when it comes to intense masturbating. They do not mind what they shove in their pussies just as long as they feel good and make the audience feel good. Their videos can be watched either in your very own browser or downloaded to your device in MP4 format or MPEG. All available resolutions are at 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 720, 960 x 540, and 480 x 272. The site has 40+ videos right now and is slowly updating.


Sure, the content amount is not that high but with the bonus sites you get for free, it does seem like a fair trade and the updates are slowly rolling back in. The overall quality of the site is great and I am sure a lot of you will love your time here.


Videos More than 40 Videos
Pics More than 40 Picture Sets
Download Available
Categories solo, masturbation

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