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SexAndGrades is the paradise for all boys&girls-teacher type of porn.


SexAndGrades Review

Site Overview

How’s it going bros’? Are you tired looking for the best porn you can ever find? Well, all that searching will come to an end because all you’re looking for is already served in a silver platter, Sex and Grades. Yeah, the long search is finally over because SexandGrades is all that you’re looking for. From the name itself, it’s filled with these amazing boys&girls willing to do anything to get the highest grade, to the point they will have sex with their teacher (of course they’ll have sex, this is porn all right!). It’s all very much like that. But don’t worry ‘because this site’s also got a lot of these amazing benefits so that you won’t get bored in viewing.

Done streaming the videos? Then you don’t need to worry because these sites have thousands and thousands of pictures that you can freely enjoy. Plus, you can also view the videos in high definition quality, isn’t that amazing? This site also has a lot of those hot and sexy porn stars that you’ve been dreaming of. These lovely ladies know very well about how to handle cock. Their moves will give you an instant boner the moment you watch the video. Their moves are so majestic that it will make cum the second time in just ten seconds. Wow! What amazing site that has a lot to offer. I’m sure this site will give you an amazing online experience for no matter how long your hand and dick will survive. I’m sure that you’re gonna like this porn site, because it will satisfy you no matter what.

Design & Features

All porn site will always make sure that their site will be creative as ever to gain more attention by the viewers. By this, they will make sure that the viewers will enjoy as much as possible. But then there are some porn sites that take this matter too seriously, to the point that their designs and creativeness will drive you crazy. But this site is just very simple; Sex and Grades’ design is very much simple that it matches your purpose of visiting the site. With a light grey colored background, I don’t think that so complicated. The design of the pictures is very creative also that whenever you point the mouse pointer over the pictures a border will appear in every picture you will point. It will show that the porn star in the picture has passed (what did she pass anyway?); also an A+ grade will appear.

At the very top you will some of the features. There will be three main features that come with a green check. First green check you will find that the videos can be played in any video player formats. Meaning it allows you to choose if you have more than one video player. The second check will show that the videos have different video quality depending on your internet speed. So if ever your internet seems not in the mood to be going fast then just click on the 240p button. The last of all the checks will show that you can have a membership access and comes with more benefits. So if you’re wondering what those benefits are, then go and visit Sex and Grades and be a member now. It will be a total fun.

Girls & Videos

Looking for those hot porn stars that you always wanted, or how about those amazing moves that they always got? You see this site also have those lovely ladies, without them we would probably be devastated being without all those enjoyments that they provide. You know, those porn stars that can give you such hard boners just by looking at them. I think you’ll get what I’m trying to say here. These lovely porn stars are so good in doing their stuff. Whatever compliments you hurl at these luscious beings, it just matches them so well. Hey! Have you ever heard about; Alexis Blaze, Mila Beth or Jasmine Blaze. Well they’re just a tight bit of a fraction of the whole wide group of awesome porn stars.

The porn stars in this site are all about the classroom theme, so you’ll have to expect that most of them have tight tits. I mean most of the porn stars having the classroom theme have tight tits compared to other categories of porn. No offence, I myself love all kinds of tits, it’s just maybe you’ll have much bigger expectation. Also most of them wear school uniforms since this is about the classroom type of theme. So yeah, I guess that’s all I need to explain to about the porn stars.


Personally this site is very good for spending time in the internet. I mean this already has what you’re looking for. It’s simple. This site is good for people who love to watch classroom themed porn. This will immediately and fully satisfy their insatiable need for perfect classroom themed porn. I assure you that won’t have a boring time here; I mean there’re lots of these pretty and hot porn stars. Then out of all these, you will also enjoy a lot of the benefits. What I’m trying to say here is; that this porn site’s already got your back. The design is simply plain, it has a lot of benefits, there’re lot of porn stars that are ready to fulfill your dreams. In here you will enjoy a whole lot more of online experience. I would personally rate it ten out of ten. So what are you waiting for, go and visit Sex and Grades and see that everything that I told you is true to the core. You will never regret if you choose this site to fulfill your lustful form of entertainment.


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Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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