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ShopLyfter is a new porn site that provides steamy reality porn scenes performed by hot fresh models.


ShopLyfter Review

Site Overview

Shoplyfter is an amateur porn site from the same makers of the Team Skeet network which features hardcore reality videos that will surely keep you satisfied. This amateur porn site review will give you an overview of what to expect from this amateur xxx site. Aside from the high quality contents, there are also tons of sexy amateur porn videos that are waiting for you inside.

Design & Features

Great contents don’t just come for free. The same thing goes for this site, Shoplyfter. Anyone who wished to avail its high quality content must have to pay for a certain amount first. This premium porn site delivers according to how much you paid for and so far, I am not disappointed with the results. After all, it also came from the same team that makes up the Team Skeet Network, which is also known for its good reputation in the porn industry. However, even though that is the case, Shoplyfter still does not belong to the Team Skeet Network.

Looking at the website, it has a very simple and neat design. Overall, it is good and professional-looking. Navigating the site will not be a problem due to the fact that it is optimized. There won’t be any inconveniences while surfing the website. In my experience, everything went smoothly and as planned. At the left side of the page, you can find a toolbar where different sorting options are positioned. Here you have the choice to sort the movies according to the recently uploaded ones, the oldest videos, and the top rated videos.

Aside from this helpful feature, there are also some site features that can also improve the user experience. Features like giving ratings, leaving comments and adding videos to your favorites are the three site features that you should be able to enjoy without paying extra. The livecam, on the other hand, is one of the site features that require extra payment since it is a premium feature.

Unlike other porn sites, Shoplyfter does not have bonus sites yet and that is probably because it is still new in the business. It still does not formally belong to any porn networks. Regardless, it has great reality sex content that will mainly attract a lot of potential viewers. Moving on, the site has a combination of videos and photo sets. There are already over 27 exclusive videos that are around 50 minutes long. You can either download the video in MP4 format or stream the video. There are different resolutions and the highest resolution is 1080 pixels. The videos can also be downloaded in mobile formats. The number of photo sets, on the other hand, is proportional to the number of videos and contain around 70 pictures each sets. Each picture has a dimension of 1280×960 and can be downloaded in zip files. I would say that the quality is also impressive. The photo quality does not lose out to the video quality. The site updates its contents once a week.

Girls & Videos

There are over 20 models in the site already. I think there will be more girls who will be added in the collection in the upcoming months since the site has been very diligent in scouting very talented girls lately. Few of the girls who were able to catch a lot of attention from the members are Alyssa Cole, Alex Harper, Blair Williams, Penelope Reed, Anastasia Rose, and Daya Knight. There are also a couple more girls who stole the spotlight but unfortunately, these girls were not named in the videos. They were most likely featured only once in the videos. Too much for reality porn, right?

There is a lot of variety when it comes to the physical attribute of these girls. There are white, black and fair girls. There are also busty girls while there are also flat-chested girls. The common denominator of these girls is that they all have naughty hands for stealing and huge appetite for sex. I’m just not sure if these girls intentionally steal to fuck with these handsome policeman or they are just mischievous as they are and they deserve hardcore fucking to teach them a lesson.

Each episode has a corresponding case number and a description of what happened in the scene. These descriptions help to set the mood of every viewer. The scenes usually start as CCTV footage where you’ll see the girls walk into the store. Minutes after they start to pick things from the shelves and hide them. Unluckily, the policeman nearby has eyes for gorgeous pickpockets. Then the scene will shift into a police station setting where the girls will be interrogated by the policemen. From here, it is either the girls start to negotiate and offer themselves to the police or the police gives them an option to take. Whoever starts the negotiation doesn’t really matter. The girls do whatever it takes to get her ass out from jail even though it requires her to strip, perform oral sex or getting groped. The scene ends up with the girl getting fucked on the office table and leaves the station with cum stains on their faces.


The reality porn videos in Shoplyfter are enough to make you horny. They have a lot of exciting scenes in their collection and I am pretty sure there will be more of it in the upcoming days since the site uploads new content every now and then. This gives you more reason to sign up and keep your eye on every upload. I have no words to say against the functionality of the website and as well as the quality of the contents. I would say that it is a great deal for those who want to become a member of the site. It is definitely worth the price you pay.


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