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Hot, sexy, horny and irresistible Californian chicks are waiting for you on SoCalPornSluts.


SoCalPornSluts Review

Site Overview

SoCal beauties have an irresistible appeal that will show you what the valley is truly made of. This porn site is your one way ticket to the lustful wonderland that treats you to many sexcapades that will prove that the Golden State truly knows its stuff. It does not matter whether you want to watch them on your computer or mobile screen; they dish out the same pleasure and excitement. The content quality and quantity on the SoCalPornSluts site is really appealing. This is one of the few adult entertainment platforms that care about numbers in enjoyment. Under the FuckingAwesomeNetwork, it is safe to say that the site and all its offerings is the best that you have ever had. Filled with perfect eye candy that will make your cock harder every step of the way, you will not be disappointed by the hardcore quality content on this site.

SoCalPornSluts generally sticks to the script in the provision of old, slutty content. Who knew Southern California could be so naughty and nasty?! Every single second of the action counts. As a documentation of the best wild times, SoCalPornSluts has everything in the right place to capture your attention. The porn stars on the site are not common hotties; they are the crème de la crème of the business. The nine bonus sites that are offered together with membership feature a variety of pornography niches inclusive of hardcore shemale action. At the peak of entertainment, you will always enjoy the high quality HD viewing. There is also the promise of regular updates on a weekly basis. Even though the content is not as massive in amount you would imagine, the bonus sites come in handy. Apart from the general moves, SoCalPornSluts also has a model index that encourages members to identify with the performers before venturing into the action. This is important in content selection. The 3rd party feeds are also a welcome surprise.

Design & Features

Logging into the pages of pleasure is such a joy. You will be excited to go face to face with all the goodies that the site offers you. The tour of the site should begin at the top menu page that will allow you to navigate through the various tabs. It does not take long to figure out what the site is all about, the images of porn stars giving fellatios and having encounters lets you know that the site is generally hardcore. The most viewed movies are clearly showcased on the homepage to ensure that site sets apart all of the best rated content for new visitors on the site to enjoy. The calendar of updates is coupled by the latest update news that will show all the site’s members and the latest addition on the site. There is a ‘coming soon’ section that teases you and gives reasons of why you should log into the site a few more times.

The index page also gives additional information on what is going on across the FuckingAwesomeNetwork. With many links to be checked, you will be tempted to click on each and every one of them. If you decide to take the plunge, you will get content that features solo masturbation scenes and deep threat scenes. If you do not wish to watch the full movies, you can jump from scene to scene. With the quality of downloads up to standard, you will be delighted at how enjoyable the movies will be. I found the download formats especially flexible as the movies could be acquired as flash file, streamed online or downloads as MPEG and MP4 files. There are so many fun things to see and do in the favorite area of the page. The site allows you to rate the movies and even add your favorite SoCalPornSluts as they please you.

Girls & Videos

Golden State girls have always been known for a little kink but boy! Does the site push all the buttons! You will generally be amazed at how much these porn stars are engrossed in the action. They will make you wonder off into the world of exploration and adventure. The ability to interact with these sexy goddesses may be the best thing that the site brings you. Through the bios in the models index, you can easily tell that the stars strive to ‘make it’ and earn their own self-made titles. Getting to the top of this site was not easy, they had to suck cock and put on many shows in front of a dozen of camera in order to steal the spotlight on these flicks. Shy Love, Smokie Flame, Veronica Jeet and Hollie Stevens are some of the porn stars that site is affiliated with. Clearly, their top-notch capability to bring pussy and cock together makes it evident that this pool is still filled with the best. You will not regret investing your time in the hardcore that comes in form of deep throat sex, solo masturbation scenes, gagging and full-on sexual action. After all, the crazier they get, the better for you and me.

The way the SoCalPornSluts portray themselves in front of the camera is entirely dependent on what they do. If they want to give a blow job, they get extra nasty to give you that single entertainment component that you may lack on other platforms. They generally focus on displaying their best features. If they have big breasts, they use them to their advantage,; licking and squeezing to give you that grand finale that you were hoping for. If they are proceed to show off their big, bouncy behinds, they do not fail to make a case for it as they orgasm. The solo sex scenes are also interesting as they feature one or two beauties fucking themselves silly with the biggest dildo that they could lay their hands on-size really matters here. As we have already established, all the movies have great viewing quality. They look good on any screen size, without cases of sound drop outs or blurry images. SoCalPornSluts certainly has everything on point. The high-resolution is especially with comforting for those who get easily disappointed in sites that offer lesser quality.


The FuckingAwesomeNetwork has really outdone itself. During the site’s first launch, 41 full movies were uploaded and even though there have been ‘dry’ upload periods from time to time, it does not really matter because the bonus content will still give you movies to enjoy. On this platform, entertainment is all that matters.



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