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SpermGlazed, a site full of exclusive videos that feature unforgettable facial and cum shot actions.


SpermGlazed Review

Site Overview

Inside the world of porn there are things that we just can’t ignore. Those are the ones that take stuff to the limit! So if you’re one who’s in for the limits you’ll surely love this. Have you ever seen 5 cocks getting ready to blow bang a cute girl in the middle? Have you ever seen a girl so covered with cum that her clothes are now all wet that she had to take it off and get covered all over again? Well if that’s the case! Spermglazed is the site for you! This site is full of popular porn stars that are just kneeling in the middle of a circle about to get the most over the limit facial they’d ever had! If I can say one thing about this site, I’d say it’s completely messy! Man their hair looks like they’ve been through a shower of cum right after the guys are through. So basically this site is about facials and squirts. But other than that, this site also has other contents as well! Because the craving for sex is still there so you’ll also see some exclusive contents on sex scenes and lesbian actions as well. The gangbang scenes here are also numerous so you’ll have no trouble with it! So, are you ready to take facials to another level? Oh, I should remind you, the girls here are fucking awesome and hungry, sometimes exhilarating when I watch because they really expound on the quality

Design & Features

Entering the homepage, you’ll be seeing a lot of content. And I meant a lot! Now inside the homepage, you’ll be seeing this cover pic that pretty much gives you a good picture of what you’ll be getting from this site, it’s a picture of a girl surrounded by men and are giving her a freaking blow bang. I didn’t even know the word until I visited this site. So yeah, this girl gets blow banged and she’ sucks everything she sees because her eyes are blinded by all this cum. Oh, before I forget, don’t get confused by the away and assume that blow jobs and cum shots are the only videos you’ll be seeing in this site because further on in this review, I will enlighten you with more contents and features that you should be expecting. So, where were we, oh yeah, the blind cums.

Now right below that cover picture, you’ll be seeing this number of porn stars being featured. These beauties by the way are the most popular and high rated girls performing here on Spermglazed. So yeah, these girls are always on the run for more monster cocks headed their way, so if you’re looking for some instant, hardcore, high rated videos, just check up on these girls. Now before I go any further, I just want to share this hilarious yet pretty funny reminder I just saw in the middle of the homepage. It says “Warning: Extra Massive Loads of Cum inside: These Girls Crave the Glaze” Man this thing just pops me up every single time. Moving on! We got here the photo page, and then the Videos Page. A little bit about the Videos page, this is what I told you about. Judging by the title, anyone could easily conclude that this site only shows blowjobs and cum shot videos, but that’s where they’re all wrong. If you check out the Video page, it’s pretty clear to see that this site also has exclusive contents such as movies, videos and more that aren’t just about cum shots at all. There are hardcore sex scenes that are just stunning! Very good contents and are surely worth the click! Now if you’re wondering what kind of categories this site holds. You’ll be shocked to see that the categories are amazing too. I mean, just look at it. A Year Up the Ass: Top Anal Movies of 2014, AVN Awards 2009, AVN Awards 2010, AVN Awards 2011, AVN Awards 2012, AVN’s Greatest, All Sex, Alt Porn, Amateur, Amateur Lesbians, Anal Creampie, Anal Probes, and Anal Sex. These titles in the categories are just crazy! Other categories even say Big Things Cum in puny Packages! Let me tell you, the man who sorted and came up with these categories is just a freaking GENIUS!!!

Girls & Videos

Hmmm… Maybe the best word to describe the girls on this page is “Hungry”. Wait… I think that was an understatement. You the girls here like Ava Devine, Missy Monroe, Mika Tan, Tiana Lynn, Haley and Niki Blaze. They could suck 4 guys’ cum and ask for even more cum! They’d suck balls and spit without spitting it out! Yes! They swallow! Imagine that! That’s what makes these girls so famous and tasty because they don’t give a care what happens to them as long as they get the cum that they wanted! Say for example Jordan Fleiss here. This hottie with huge tits and great ass can handle four guys ramming cocks down her throat and she won’t mind at all! With all these amazing girls along with 50,000 videos to choose from with over 10,000 gigabyte worth of free download! I’d say this is already a done deal buddy! And not only are the content numerous, it’s also full high quality! With resolutions reaching high as 1080p, you won’t have room for regrets any time soon!


In order to understand the value of this site, I suggest you review the quality, content and bonuses. Seeing the quality is high enough, with content that’s full of satisfaction and hot fucking sex, along with exclusive contents. This site has a winning number no matter how you look at it! Also admire the 60 extra sites that go along with it! I mean, that’s 60 sites for you to choose from with their own sets of features and videos as well! I don’t see anything negative to say about this site but to give it a positive score of 100. Highly recommendable to any of your friends! Enjoy!


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