Squirtalicious Review



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Squirtalicious has one of the greatest collection of porn videos featuring amazing squirting.


Squirtalicious Review

Site Overview

Squirtalicious is a porn site that generally offers the most enticing HD collections of movies. The site has everything going for it including hot pornstars and wet, messy cum. Brought to you by the Fame Digital Network, the site generally focuses on female ejaculation, Squirtalicious is all about getting back that female power that may have been a battle lost. As the bedroom is the only place that women are often in control, you should take every opportunity to enjoy what the site has to offer. These are not just any scenes; the hardcore squirting will give you varying action that is quite pleasing to the eyes. The beauties on the site are releasing fluids with more pressure than water running from the tap. This is what makes Squirtalicious special.

The site has large advertisements of the content that have the sole intention of capturing your attention. There is nothing that the cum-craving porn stars will not in the name of pleasure. With entertainment on lockdown, there is hardly any doubt that Squirtalicious is the site for you. The wild wet scenes also translate to the two other bonus sites. As Squirtalicious is slowly but steadily growing, it has enabled you to get more content than you asked for. This can only mean one thing-spot on entertainment around the clock. The content is not exclusive but if you appreciate the good quality content, this is your ultimate treasure trove. Although the updates are a little inconsistent, the original content that is featured here makes up for this fact. The only messy thing about the scenes is the messy cum that is splattered all over. The movies are a mixture of HD quality scenes and DVD movies that are not of the highest quality and or resolution. There is a lot of horny hardcore to be happy about and on this aspect, there is no complaining.

Design & Features

The homepage offers you sample of recently updated content that beautifully fills up part of the page. This shows that the site often refreshes its movies but there are evident inconsistencies in the update schedule. However, if you only want to dig into the old stuff, you can always jump forward to your section and category of choice. The squirting images that are part of the movies or the galleries are minimal in number but there’s more than enough jerking off material here.

The tabs at the top of the page are: Home, scenes, DVDs, porn stars and network. The DVD section clearly outlines the studios where the collection of movies on the site was filmed. This is important when it comes to finding a specific type of movie. The site features a page index and search filters that will lead you from one point to another. The movies have been arranged tastefully so you could see the different screen cap and teasers that will come in handy anytime you want to make a watching decision. However, do not expect too much from the scenes, they only give basic information as to what the movies is all about. The numerous links may taunt you to watch the many new scenes and model index will let you what you need to know about these beauties.

Girls & Videos

The models on Squirtalicious are all about a good porn entertainment requires therefore, making the movies even more tantalizing. As you may already know the models are all porn stars who know many things about getting kinky on film. They are doing a good job of making you harder and harder with every move and every gentle caress. There are so many fake titles which I’m sure that you will love count of within the first few minutes. Most likely, you will get lost in this river of pleasure. You will be spoilt for choice mainly because all the porn stars look delicious and are ready to be given the squirts of a life time. The stars are a mix of different backgrounds and nationalities. It does not matter where they come from, provided they give a good squad, this community welcomes them whole heartedly.

Even so, Squirtalicious did not waste time in picking off the stars are prettier than others; most wearing sexy bras, an abundance of thongs and sexy costumes. Most of these beauties take their partners by storm by displaying the most professional porn movies and curving and coiling their bodies in efforts to get that big cock to hit their g-spot. There are many familiar faces to see. However, the site has only handpicked porn stars with huge flashes of cum in order to focus on what the site is truly about. Those without a massive pour from their pussies sadly did not make the cut. Some of porn stars are a little more entertaining than others and are featured on the most viewed scenes. The eye catchers include ‘Squirt on my black cock’ and ‘Gay creampie’. The movies are hardcore graphic and do not leave anything out of the equation. The porn stars have been at it long enough to ensure that they take you through a whirlwind of orgasms. There is no limit to how many they can have after all, the more the merrier. This only goes to show that no other site has been able to beat Squirtalicious in the provision of content.


This site generally shows that one platform can bring together a combination of everything that makes for good porn performance. It does not always only have to be about satisfying the men, female ejaculation can also take center stage. The movies take fantasy to another level which will make you fantasize about your boyfriend or just get some girl to girl action. The porn stars’ having their pussies penetrated is worth every second of the action. You will not only enjoy great sexual content but you will also pick a few skills here and there that will come handy in your bedroom.



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