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Submissed, absolutely one of the best porn network for exclusive and sensational BDSM and fetish porn stuff.


Submissed Review

Site Overview

Have you often had secret sex fetishes that you would like to further explore and see at what length they will progress? Are you intrigued by the idea of having woman bound, gagged and powerfully penetrated? If so, then you will be more than happy to know that there is a porn site, Submissed, that features BDSM content intended to satisfy your kinky fetishes and make your masturbating session flourish with sperm.

BDSM sex will never seem more kinky and seductive than on this particular site. Submissed is founded and operated by people who care about what content they are putting out into the digital world. With their hard-work and determination, they have made high-quality videos. They take great-efforts to ensure that the videos and cam shows are of the best quality and to the customer’s expectations.

Submissed provides BDSM porn movies that have no limits in pursuing sexual pleasure and will feature just any sex act that is dwelling on your mind. All girls that you are about to see on this site are willing to subjugate themselves and experience satisfaction in various ways. Masturbating on these videos will give you the impressive feeling of dominance and satisfaction, as you go thoroughly through the content and explore your new favorite source of pleasure. If you are eager to find out more about Submissed and what makes it so peculiar and appealing among men, then stay with the review and gain a clearer picture of what the site is like. Only then can you acknowledge the important features that make this site flawless and totally professional.

Design & Features

A huge contributor to the overall quality and visual performances of a porn site is the layout design itself and the ordering of videos it provides. It is very important for a site to have a strict and clear division between videos and content so that viewers are not confused or disrupted by clutters and chaotic organization or poor planning. If you were encountering aggravating and overly bright colors during your watching porn experience, you can soon forget about it because on Submissed there is no space for useless features that spoil the joy of experiencing the videos.

The simple and marvelous color scheme that has been used in order to support the content will give you the feeling of universal control over the site, and encourage you to go deeper into the content and see what it has to offer to you. The color scheme features black and red as main background components that give the sense of interchangeable connection between the videos of the site and the attitude of the layout. Black is elegant, dominant and magnificent, thus adding the notion of boisterous wild sex, while red is more erotic, subtle and gentle, which is why you will become horny before you even start watching some of the videos. You will easily spot how effort and clear idea make a porn site appealing and astonishing to marvel at.

Another important and very functional aspect of the layout is the clear division of content into separate units. Submissed as a huge BDSM network consists of several other sites that feature content of the same kind. For example, if you click on BoundMenWanked you will find guys bounded by hot sluts and experiencing femdoms. This site takes the BDSM fetish to all new levels. Amazing domination and edging and teasing are all things the slave experience at the hands of unrelenting scrupulous cunts.

For this purpose at the top of the page, you will find thumbnails that refer to each site individually and give you the idea of what to expect. With the thumbnails arranged in a grid, there are pictures and descriptions that further introduce you with the videos of the sites. In this manner, you will have a total control over the site according to your preferences. The overall performance of the layout is simply flawless and utterly functional as it manages to provide certain key important aspects that are needed for an unhindered masturbating session. You will acknowledge for the first time how beneficial a layout is to a porn-site, and what you were missing all the time while watching other cheap porn sites.

Girls & Videos

Besides the stunning design of the layout, Submissed has much more to offer when talking about content and services. The production and broadcasting of porn movies are truly exclusive and sophisticated, as you are experiencing highly seductive women giving you the best they can in order to make your cock hard and straight. The wild nature of BDSM pornography will turn your masturbation into an outstanding experience and will give you the utter relief that you are craving for.

As mentioned above, all content that you will see on this site is about binding and pounding women from all perspectives and turning their bodies into sources of satisfaction. These girls willfully embrace the treatment they receive with horny desires and an unapologetic attitude. You will be amazed by how far they can go to make the cocks penetrating them, bloom with huge loads of cum. There are a lot of videos to be explored, and you will love doing that in no time.

All girls on this site are smoking hot and relentlessly vehement, eager to have new experiences of orgasm and being fucked as kinky as it can. Different skin colors and body shapes are what you will have to search for, whilst listening to their moans getting louder and louder. The technical aspects of the videos resemble HD quality performance and give you two options for accessing the videos. One is by streaming them online via the embedded player on the site or simply downloading them to your personal devices safely and simply. If you choose to download them, they will appear in an MP4 format with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 @ 10171 kbps. This feature is more than sufficient to give you the ultimate ejaculation you cock obviously needs.


Submissed is the kind of porn site that is worthwhile, reliable and suitable to your sexual fantasies. All videos there are meant to boost your sexual energy and give you the horny mood you need to have a session such as you desire. Become a member by subscribing to the site’s services for an affordable and reasonable subscription fee, which will give you an access to all content found on Submissed. You will love watching each video and enjoy its potential each time you visit the site.


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