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SugarInstant Review

Site Overview

I have dreamed of a place where every porn imaginable is uploaded in one big website. This place will allow me to download, stream online or even order a DVD copy, being discreetly sent to my address. If you think I’m imagining things, then think again because this place does exist! Sugar Instant makes all of men (and women’s) porn dreams come true.

Sugar Instant was previously called Sugar DVD where you order these erotic videos online and have it sent to your address. However due to popular demand and the uprising of technology, Sugar DVD rebranded themselves to be Sugar Instant where you can immediately stream or download any porn video in their collection. Not only will you save time waiting for your movie to arrive but you will also save the environment from creating unnecessary plastics, which women love very much.

Design & Features

Ever since they rebranded themselves from Sugar DVD to Sugar Instant, their web overall look as a company was overhauled. The website was full of cheesy and outdated graphics that barely lead you to where you wanted to go, much less do a simple task like order a DVD online. Now it’s new and more streamlined so you can navigate the website with little to no problem. But it was not only the name rebranding and web re-design that made them better. In fact, they have three main features that made Sugar Instant the popular adult website for nearly two decades.

The first is their DVD on demand service. The DVD on demand service works much like how one orders pizza for dinner except instead of receiving a hot fresh pizza pie, you got a hot fresh piece of porn. The second is their “Unlimited” promo for all paid members. Sugar Instant allows all members to download and stream online without limitations. Just to give you an idea, other adult video websites will limit a certain number of videos you can view or stream per month. If you exceed the allotted views, they will offer you additional views and charge exorbitant fees on your credit card. Unlike other adult video websites, Sugar Instant will not limit your download or viewing limit per month nor would they charge extra for exceeding a certain number of videos.

The last one is their Pay Per Minute or PPM. As the name implies, you only pay for the minutes you watch because there are times when we all just want a quickie and do not have the time to wait for a 30 minutes video to download, and personally I get impatient sometimes. PPM allows you download pre-cut video clips often called “Scenes” for a pre-set amount, which sounds both conveniently and very worthy of my money. I find this rather convenient because I sometimes get tired from watching movies that are more than thirty minutes long, so I opt for PPM so I can watch a one hour movie in less 5 minutes. If you are curious about how the service works but would not like to commit, then why not sign up for a free no-strings-attached 10-day trial?

Girls & Videos

In this website, you will find the hottest stars in the porn industry featured. Porn stars such as Remy La Croix, Corrina Blake, Rebecca Linares, and Cassidy Banks, just to name a few. My personal favorite is the voluptuous blonde bombshell known as Jenna Haze. Jenna Haze has been around since 2001 and has starred in at least five hundred videos, all of them can be found in Sugar Instant library. This versatile blond is one of the many women who come to be featured in Sugar Instant’s massive library of porn.

With movies produced by studios like Evil Angel, Jules Jordan, Digital Sin and many more, it is well worth the membership just to see high quality, high production porn at the comfort of your own home. There are several vintage videos between the late 80’s up to the early 2000’s, but as I expected, the video quality is grainy compared to the super high definition video quality of the ones uploaded in the last few years. This is likely due to the camera and production quality back then was somewhat new and not as innovative compared to the current time.

As mentioned earlier, the videos are categorized by different genres, and come with recommended movies to watch in the genre. For members who own a Roku device, you should know that Sugar Instant has its own channel. Boasting at least three thousand movie titles, there is bound to be at least a hundred videos that you can’t wait to watch. With interesting titles such as Desperate Black Wives, Pilates Deep Session and Dildo Lesbians. My personal favorite is the “Best Friends” series since it is now up to its fifth episode, giving me at least four more videos of two girls who are the best of friends that share everything from magazines, clothes, and the occasional sex toys. But girl on girl action is not the only available genre they have, they at least have a few more genres to choose from.


It goes without saying that Sugar Instant is not the only video on demand adult video website, in fact, they have at least ten other competitors. But the truth is, they are nothing compared to the services offered by Sugar Instant. They offer discreet shipping of DVDs, instant movie downloads and pay per minute (PPM) for lengthy movies. Sure, they might not have a model catalog, but with the hundreds of genres, and thousands of videos ready for viewing anytime, anywhere.

Not to mention the unlimited streaming and download capabilities at an affordable price heck, even my one month’s cellphone bill costs more than a year’s worth of membership at Sugar Instant. If that is still not enough to convince you, then why not give their 10-days trial a go? Sugar Instant promises that if you are not satisfied with your trial period, then they will not bother you further. With that said, why not give them a try and who knows, maybe you will finally find that ultimate porn site that gives you everything you need.


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