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TakeVan provides the most exciting pickup porn videos performed by the hottest Czech chicks.


TakeVan Review

Site Overview

One of the most exciting hardcore porn sites brought to you by MM Productions, TakeVan takes the porn industry by storm with their hardcore porn videos. The collection is not just a mere collection because these hardcore HD videos involve a lot of interesting scenes and stories. You will definitely enjoy your time watching these HD hardcore porn videos.

Design & Features

TakeVan is a one of a kind porn site. It is one of the fast performing sites that I encountered that is filled with lots of reality hardcore videos. Being a member of this site does not take a lot of time to do thanks to its easy and hassle free registration process. The membership fee of the site may be a bit pricey though but I’m pretty sure a lot of people are willing to pay for a high-quality site like this. The website is easy to navigate. The navigation is smooth and the pages are very responsive. Design wise, the site is killing the darkly themed layout. The girls in the header are also feisty which makes them perfect for the site.

The collection of the site is made up of videos only. In total there are already around 78 videos in the collection. These videos are all approximately 30 minutes long and are available in 1920×1080 resolution. The quality is Ultra HD so you will surely witness the porn scenes in crisp and sharp graphics. The site has an embedded flash player, which you can use to stream the videos. This player has a smooth playback and allows you to jump ahead of the scene. You can also download the videos but the only available format is MP4.

The site also has a sorting tool where you can sort the videos according to the date they were published and a lot more. In the homepage, these videos are presented in a thumbnail form. There is no preview option but if you want to catch a glimpse of the video, you can go straight to the scenes section where you watch it in full length. Or, you can also read more about the scene through the short description and some details along with the thumbnail. You can get information on when the video was uploaded, where the girl was picked up, the title of the video, the rating of the video and the name of the set.

For easy navigation through the site, the main menu of the site can be found on the upper section of the pages. It contains the following main links: Homepage, Videos, Sites and Contact us. If you want more videos, you can also check out the friend sites of TakeVan where you will also find a lot of awesome collections. The sites have the same quality with each other but they are not automatically part of your membership in Take Van. To be able to access these sites, you will have to sign up on each one of them and pay their respective fees.

Overall, the site is very impressive that I didn’t have any problems while I was surfing it. From the banner, down to the footer of the site, it is a work of art. It is filled with lots of interesting finds that will keep you aroused. The site is also mobile friendly and you can access it on your tablets, iPads or smartphones without any problems.

Girls & Videos

The girls on this site are all amateurs who are venturing into the world of pornography. Coming from the beautiful country of Czech Republic, these girls have always been the gorgeous bombshells who don’t mind flashing their private parts to a stranger’s camera. What would they be ashamed of? They definitely have nothing to hide as they are all curves and humps. They have a flawless white complexion, which radiates whatever they do. These girls don’t dress fancy nor they wear hardcore makeup. These girls rely on their natural beauty and charm to make us aroused.

The scenes are in Czech because the girls definitely do not speak English. Before the main scene, there are usually conversations at the start of the video where the male actor decides which girl to pick up. All of these are in Czech. However, there is an English subtitle, which can be used by those who are not familiar with the language. A typical scenario starts with a black van picking up an oblivious girl in the street, which without a doubt hops in too.

Sometimes, aside from the pick up girl, there are two persons in the van— a male and female. That’s when we’ll know a threesome sex is coming up. Once the pick up girl hops in the van, they start chitchatting and touching each other. Some of the girls are hesitant at first but later on, they start to like things most especially when the male actor shows his large and erect dick. In one scene, the can do a lot of different sex positions. There’s also a lot of licking, sucking and fingering involved. I have not seen a scene where there were sex toys though but I guess the thrill of having sex in the backseat is more than enough to excite the actors.


This site is definitely worthy to be recommended to my friends and to everyone, in fact. If you like straight hardcore sex, you will not only like this site but you will surely love every bit of it. This is also for thrill-seekers who fantasize about doing the deed inside their cars. Surely, this can be a real trouble once you get caught by the police officers so it would be nice to redirect our fantasies on this site. Good thing that the site offers high quality porn where the crisp and sharp graphics makes the scene pop out. Who wouldn’t love this kind of experience? The site is also very easy to use and I don’t see any reason why you should skip this site.


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