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TeenTugs presents stunning porn videos featuring some of the best and unforgettable handjobs.


TeenTugs Review

Site Overview

Many of us remember having a great and wild time back in senior high or institute. But do you remember ever getting an explosive blowjob? Remember the good ol’ days and add plenty of cum-filled fun with the help of the feisty and sexy amateurs at TeenTugs! The girls at TeenTugs will help you refresh your memories by stroking stiff cocks with their nimble hands, up until they explode with thick loads of jizz. This premium porn site is all about hot and horny chicks giving tit and hand jobs in many different ways; all of which end with men exploding with ecstasy as they spill their juicy spunk on a girl’s hands, boobs, and face. We’re talking barely on the allowable age chicks who love to grab boners and milking them until all the juicy load spills out.

They offer plenty of exclusive content in crystal clear HD, and continue to add more cum-splattering handjob goodness on a weekly basis. TeenTugs is all about tugging and teasing, and that includes most of the bonus sites that come with it once you become a subscriber. That’s right, you’ll get a healthy selection of tug-related adult sites including ClubTug, SeeMomSuck, BustyDirect, CumBlastCity, and more! Just like TeenTugs, these sites focus on chicks stroking cocks, so fans who love this type of action will definitely want to stroke themselves to these steamy scenes.

Design & Features

TeenTugs features a simple and minimalistic website design, with a classy light blue color scheme that reflects the cutesy nature of their girls. But make no mistake, these girls are horny vixens who are more than ready to suck big cocks and grope them until they explode! The moment you enter the membership area, you’ll immediately be welcomed with TeenTugs’ premium porn offerings. A simple click on the Updates index will show you their freshly released porn films, including date stamps (when the video was released), the length of the film, as well as the number of photos within it. There’s also a brief description of each video, including the name of the model, so you know what to look forward to in each scene even before you click and play. That’s enough to whet your appetite for some high-quality handjob porn, right?

Minimalism is king here at TeenTugs, and that includes many of their film productions. Rest assured, though, that their videos are anything but plain! There’s plenty of zest on each of their videos and models, so there’s always something to keep you and your throbbing erection satisfied. There’s a lot of personality behind their films and models. The stroke (no pun intended) of luck these men are getting from these freshly blossomed sluts will have you wanking your wiener and hoping your cock could be the one receiving the pleasurable beating! Compared to other sites in this niche, TeenTugs is fairly new so they remain to have a fewer collection of videos. Take note, however, that it’s still a growing site that strives to provide more hardcore porn goodness to their members. There may have been lax times in uploading new content in the past but they’ve recently gotten back on track; offering subscribers with at least 3 new HD porn videos to enjoy every week.

Girls & Videos

All the amateur chicks at TeenTugs are so enthusiastic at maneuvering dicks and they’re not prone to overacting, which is often the case with some models you see in other porn sites. They may just be neophytes in the art of cock-milking but there’s just something endearing and downright seductive about cute amateurs having their way with a man’s stiff erection – and that’s where they truly shine! The site is home to some of the hottest girls you’ll ever meet in this niche, and they’re mistresses in expertly tugging hard cocks. You’ll find plenty of gorgeous gals who have just entered adulthood, sexy institue girls, as well as horny girlfriends stroking and squeezing monster-sized boners. There’s plenty of orgasm denial and cum control going on, and a sprinkle of discipline on the side for the naughty boys who want a good wiener-spanking.

Some of the girls here at TeenTugs may even look familiar to you, from the likes of delightful and slender Cheyenne Jewel, the cum-starved brunette Natalie Monroe, and the porcelain-skinned blondie Iris Rose. These are just some of the more well-known girls in this circle, and it’s always nice to get to see some familiar faces once in a while. But of course, TeenTugs is an absolute haven for the blossoming newbies who want to take a shot at porn stardom. There are plenty of bespectacled chicks who prefer to study cocks of various shapes and sizes, brunettes with double-tails wearing kinky lingerie, and wannabe models who love tugging on thick man-meat as they stretch them out on massage tables. These girls use their soft, nimble hands the right way, and that’s by shaking huge shakers until thick loads of man-juice spill out on their hands and tits. They know how to tease and taunt, bringing every man to the edge until he begs to be given the ultimate release. Not all girls are that nice though, because some have a sadistic side in them that will leave some of the dudes hanging by ruining their orgasm! Yikes!

At the time of this review, TeenTugs has close to a hundred HD porn content and dozens of photos, all of which can be downloaded in ZIP files at around 800 x 534 resolution. All of the videos can be downloaded in MP4 format, and can be streamed in their built-in Flash player, displaying up to 1080p at best. Again, TeenTugs has only been around since 2012 and they continue to grow their collection of HD porn content to satisfy subscribers who love great tit and hand job action. They always strive to inject some unique elements to their films, as well as bits of variety into the formula before working towards a huge, jerking cumshot.


TeenTugs may not be as big as the competition, but you’re spoiled for choice with hundreds of softcore and hardcore cock tugging goodness that will have you beating your meat for hours on end! With exclusive weekly updates, you’ll never run out of great porn to watch and jack off to right away. There’s something really hot about the chicks at TeenTugs, especially when panties start dropping to the floor, hands get oiled up, and hard veiny dicks get squeezed and sucked. So if you have a thing for blossoming freshies who find delight in man-handling grown men, then there’s no reason not to be part of TeenTugs and its huge network of handjob-related porn content!



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