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ThaiChix Review

Site Overview

Rumors have it that in Thailand, they will welcome you with open arms if you are a promiscuous person. And it is such a wonderful place to have casual sex because the Asian women there are so hot that your cock will harden from the sight of those ladies. And what better way to see the sexy action that Thailand has to offer than ThaiChix! On the website, they feature the sexiest women from one of the horniest country on the planet. They will surely fill your craving for Asian women that just can’t be fulfilled by anyone else.

Design & Features

In the home page of the website, there is a banner at the very top which is attention grabbing and will surely pique the interests of new visitors. At the left-hand side of the homepage are navigation buttons which will help you go to the part of the website that you want to go to. They are conveniently placed so that users won’t stumble around looking for buttons which are needed to navigate the website. The buttons present are the Home, Latest Videos, Video Scenes, Photos, Thai Cams, Inhouse Videos, Girls Biography, DVD/Video Shop, Wallpapers, and Customer Support. You can also see the homepage of the videos and pictures that have been most recently uploaded to the website. So the moment you step foot into their domain, you are always in the loop and you are never left out on the new videos.

If however you want to explore their past videos, then the Video Scenes, the Inhouse Videos, and the DVD/Video Shop will get you there in a flash. If you want to look at all the girls that are featured in the website, you can just go to the Girls Biography section. All of the girls that you will be able to see in the website are all arranged there neatly and orderly. That way, you will be able to pick your favorite girl with ease and no hassle whatsoever. If your love for Asian women gets to a point so high that you just need to have them as your wallpaper for your computer or your mobile phone, then the Wallpaper section of the website will surely help you out. Numerous high-quality wallpapers are present there, for you to do as you please. And if you have any questions or are having trouble with anything regarding the website, then the customer support section will surely help you out. They have the friendliest and the most helpful customer support that you will find anywhere. They will make your problems into no problems at all and make your ThaiChix experience even better than it was before.

Girls & Videos

The Asian girls in ThaiChix are handpicked among thousands of applicants. That is why as you go through the gallery of women on the website, you will only be able to see beautiful women and nothing else. All of the women there look so fresh and untouched, that you will want to defile their body with your man juice. Their faces are so nice to look at that you will want to spray your cum all over it. And those women will help you in giving them a sticky white facial because they just love the sensation of cum inside their mouths and on the top of their face. They will kneel before you and stroke your dick using their hands. And as they stroke your cock, they will breathe on it, making you itch for a slippery tongue all over your tool. They will then swallow your dick whole and push it all the way onto the back of their throats. Their deep throat blowjob is sure to make you shiver all over your body. They will gag on your cock so much that you will be able to hear them gasp for air. You will also be able to see as saliva drops down from their wide open mouth. And once you are ready to cum, they will take out your cum hose and point it on their face. But it’s not over yet.

As a matter of fact, it has only begun. They also have bodies that are so well-defined and toned that you can immediately figure out that they do some kind of exercise in order to achieve that level of perfection. And sure enough, they have so much rough sex that it makes them sweat from their foreheads down to their ankles. They have such beautiful thighs that have become that way because they like to ride up and down on meat sticks all day long. They will literally rock your world in a way that can never be done by anyone else. The videos on the website can all be watched in full high definition quality. That means that you can rest easy knowing that every pussy-banging action can be seen with absolute clarity. They also have so many videos that your balls will definitely dry up and shrivel from all the fapping that you will be doing. But in my opinion, the best part about the website are the Thai Live Cams. That means that you can have a live video chat with a very beautiful Asian girl and see them do things to their pussies that will make you want to go on a plane to Thailand so that you can fuck them in the flesh.


On ThaiChix, you will be able to see the highest quality Asian porn videos that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. They have high-quality videos because sure enough, their girls are absolutely top-class. The girls on the website are handpicked from a pool of thousands of women. You will only be able to see stunning women as you go through their gallery of girls. And those girls, apart from being very beautiful, are also absolute cum sluts! They will want your semen on their face, inside their mouths, on the top of their breasts, even inside their pussies. The horniest Asian girls, only on ThaiChix.



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