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TheFaceFuckHour provides an incredible collection of hardcore blowjobs porn videos in high quality.


TheFaceFuckHour Review

Site Overview

TheFaceFuckHour is a really straight forward site. It generally features a lot of sexy hotties who appreciate rock hard cocks inside their mouths. Sucking of jizz is really their specialty. As a fairly new site that was just launched in 2013, TheFaceFuckHour will bring you entertainment that is one of a kind. This is not a random blowjob site, the action is really over the top. Trust me, the best way to ditch your happy hour, where you pick up tabs that are too expensive is to go for TheFaceFuckHour, where every buck you spend is worthwhile. The oral sex that is featured on these pages is highly appreciated. Do not waste too much time looking for content that is fascinating than this. The truth is that you will not find sex scenes that are more spectacular. I must admit, I am a pervert and just cannot live without witnessing the horny action.

TheFaceFuckHour is the best web portal where you will be able to fulfill all of your sexual desires. The cool experience that comes with being a member of this site will not leave you disappointed. Your sinful life is about to get better than it has ever been. The site offers an adventure that is epic and will leave you more satisfied than you have ever been in a long time. If your girlfriend has not been fulfilling in bed, she should probably watch all these crazy coeds get down and dirty. If she takes a closer look, she will be able to learn something new. These girls may just be extraordinary creatures because the way they shove the cocks deep down their throats and leave them there for endless minutes. This only means that they are true sexual experts. The kinky movies come with a lot of messy fun. You will be in for the best treat as cocks are being shoved all over the scenes.

The site only has a limited number of videos but the content is presented in HD version. Members of the site are in for tons of bonus videos through the StaxxxNetwork, new updates, and quality that does not falter. TheFaceFuckHour is full of porn stars who love sharing their true potential. In other words, you will get each and every type of girl that you desire to pleasure you. This is a really flawless adult site. I am absolutely sure that you will not continue to breathe normally once you are part of this site. The action is outstanding and you will be able to look forward to many hard moments on TheFaceFuckHour.

Design & Features

TheFaceFuckHour is a very simple and well-organized website. Due to the limited nature of the collection, it is very easy to get around and browse through the content. Just like many other adult sites, the movies are presented systematically. There are hardly any sorting or filtering options because there isn’t enough content to be sorted through. On the homepage, you will be able to see the site’s latest updates. You can always enjoy now scenes regularly. This gives you more than enough reason to log into the site. The scenes are not uploaded constantly, but fortunately, this is not one of those sites that have stopped uploading after a couple of years. TheFaceFuckHour has proven highly reliable.

The 22+ videos and an equal number of photos can be streamed at 720×420kbps or can be downloaded as MP4 at 26000k. There are many multiple bandwidths that are available. However, the older videos have different specifications porn all the rest of the videos in the collection. There is nothing disappointing about TheFaceFuckHour. The scenes are not the highest quality HD but they are still crystal clear. On the homepage, you will also be able to see links to the bonus content. Within minutes of checking out to content, you will have multiple boners. The site’s pages are the ticket to orgasm-village, most especially the previews.

Girls & Videos

The videos contain professional porn stars and amateurs. Therefore, you can expect a little teasing, some try-outs, and showcase of the best blowjob skills. The mix of expertise and inexperience gives TheFaceFuckHour a perfect balance. Most of the time, the porn stars proudly shove the cocks deep inside their throats. For a moment, you will think that they will endlessly choke but the way they maneuver only shows that they have had a good amount of practice. It is as if the action is not enough, the girls beg for the cocks to shoved harder and further. This makes for the most epic scenes. The scenes showcase hot porn stars like Marsha May, Aria Alexander, Jennifer White and Gigi Skye in real sexy action. They suck and gag the cocks as if their lives depend on it. The girls are of different ethnicities, body types, hair color and even preferences.

The site also focuses on some interracial blowjob scenes. They absolutely love their cumshots and make it seem that they wouldn’t trade anything for the pleasure that they are receiving. Despite the fact that they have tears on their faces and mascara running down from their eyes, they still aren’t easy to satisfy. For approximately 25 minutes, they will be the center of your world. They are highly attractive and you cannot get tired of enjoying them in the full-blown scenes. The files are only here to dish out pleasure because horny but there aren’t any cocks sliding through their pussies. TheFaceFuckHour has girls that are the epitome of pleasure.


TheFaceFuckHour is an awesome site, especially because it provides amateur content with a little bit of porn star action. The quality of the videos are great and even the updates are pretty exciting. This definitely represents the best of the StaxxxNetwork.



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