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TheGFNetwork is the main site for the network of porn sites under The Girlfriend Network banner. The focus of TheGFNetwork is user submitted ex-girlfriend videos and photos. Users from all over upload a variety of amateur content. With over 15 unique porn niches, TheGFNetwork has something for everyone. Learn more about TheGFNetwork.


TheGFNetwork Review

TheGFNetwork, if you are unfamiliar with the site, is a network of porn sites. For those that get tired of the slick production used for professional adult videos, you should take a look at TheGFNetwork. Home to a large collection of amateur content, TheGFNetwork is a network of more than 15 adult websites.

TheGFNetwork hosts thousands of videos

One of the biggest advantages of choosing a website like TheGFNetwork is that you get access to thousands of videos and photos. The videos that you will find can get downloaded to your computer, or you can stream the videos directly on the website. The same is true for the photos – they may get viewed online or downloaded in a ZIP file to your computer. The quality ranges from grainy to clear high-definition. To find the best videos, TheGFNetwork has provided various browsing options.

TheGFNetwork has superior browsing options

Also to hosting thousands of videos and photos across a group of websites, TheGFNetwork has made it easy for users to find content and browse videos and pictures. After you get your membership, visit TheGFNetwork and browse for content from any of the included websites on the network. Browse for videos and photos using various keywords. The keywords that get used describe settings, sex acts, and descriptions of the women being filmed. The videos and photos are also rated, which can help you narrow down your results. Browsing thousands of photos is easy with TheGFNetwork, so you should never have trouble locating great amateur pornography. Full of user-submitted content, searching and browsing quickly is necessary for a site such as TheGFNetwork.

TheGFNetwork gives access to over 15 adult sites

The main selling point of TheGFNetwork is that it includes full access to more than 15 adult sites. These sites range from hardcore sites with exposed housewives to solo videos of women masturbating. There are hardcore anal sex, blowjobs, and just about any type of favorite sex act that you can think of. The content varies, with poor quality videos and amazing HD videos that could almost be considered professional. A few of the sites on the network include SlutsWithPhones, ObsessedWithMyself, OralGirlfriends, and WatchMyGF. The one thing unifying all these sites is the ex-girlfriend angle. The sites claim to contain leaked, hacked, or user-submitted content of ex-girlfriends. Whether this is true is difficult to tell – either way, there is plenty of content to browse this network.

TheGFNetwork membership options

TheGFNetwork is reasonably priced, especially because it includes full access to the other sites on the same network. There are thousands of photos and videos available for your entertainment on this network. When you get a membership to TheGFNetwork, you only pay once for access to all the sites. Payments get sent through a secure server and may get completed using either a credit card or a checking account. The payments are always discreet and reliable. After making your payment, you will get a username and password that gets used to access all the sites on the network; though, you will probably do all your browsing directly from TheGFNetwork. Below you will find the available price plans, but you should know that the 1-day trial does not include full access to the sites – since you cannot download the videos to your computer, but at least it does offer a glimpse into the content hosted on TheGFNetwork. Here are the available options:
  • $1.00 for a one-day limited trial
  • $27.95 for 30 days
  • $59.97 for 90 days


Videos More than 1.000 Videos
Pics More than 1.000 Picture Sets
Download Available
Categories amateur, GFs

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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