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Throated has everything you ever wanted to see about deep throating. Enjoy stunning porn videos.


Throated Review

Site Overview

How far can a girl go with her blow job? When a girl takes your cock into her mouth and is playing with it using her tongue, you just feel like you have gone to paradise and never want to come back. The sensation that comes from having your cock sucked by an expert mouth and tongue are simply hard to describe. They are hard to describe not because they are not good, but simply because they are too good and one lacks the words for it. Then it gets even better if the girl can manage to take the cock right to the balls. This is not an easy task and it is not given to every girl to master this art. When you meet one that can eat you up right to the balls, make sure you keep them because that may be the last time you meet such a girl. Then again if you can’t meet a girl who can suck cock and swallow to the balls, you can, at least, fantasize about it. You can even get a site like throated that features some really great scenes on deep throating to help you.

Throated brings to you some raw porn in the niche of deep throating. You will never believe the throat could support that much invasion but on throated, you are going to be learning a thing or two. You are going to be discovering how versatile the human body is as the girls get invaded with some very large cocks that look very frightening even to the pornstars. Throating is all about cocks being made into the mouths of the girls as they choke and gag and spit flow out of their mouths. Sometimes tears independently run down their cheek as their facial muscles are distorted thanks to the effort that is used by the guys to get their cock tot the back of the girl’s throat. You are going to be appalled by the level of deep throating that these chicks can take. As you watch the different videos, you wouldn’t be able to help to wonder if those girls decided to remove their tonsils just so they can create more space to accommodate the huge cocks, it is important to note here that these are not any ordinary cock. These cocks are thick, big and long. That means that apart from struggling to take the length, the girls have to struggle to get their mouths around the cocks. On this site the scenes are crazy, they are rough and they are not for those who don’t like stitch and discomfort during sex. Deep throating is not your usual blow job but these girls have a talent for taking it all.

Design & Features

The simple but elegant design of throated is one that catches the eye and makes a visitor want to stay longer than they initially planned to. On throated the idea is to help visitors and members alike browse the site easily and quickly. There are all the necessary tools and features that are needed to make a site easy to navigate. All the important menu tabs are in place and easily spotted. While the videos and photosets are linked, the site features separate tabs of videos and photos. On the site, you can sort the pornstars by alphabetical order. You can also sort by the most recent, most viewed and highest rated.

Videos can be sorted by latest updates, most viewed, upcoming and highest rated. It is possible to find a film by choosing the category and selecting the model that features in it. You may have to choose from different categories some of which include; 69, ass licking, pussy lick, lesbian and cumshot. The site also features a search box that can be used with keywords to find relevant content. Those who are interested in the bonus sites that come with their membership can click on the bonus site tab to access the different sites. From this site, a member can click on a bonus site and be redirected to the site.

Girls & Videos

It only takes a professional to deliver the level of deep throating that is found on this site. That is why most of the models on the site are some well-known faces in porn, they have been around for a while and they have learnt a trick or two in taking cock right down to their throats. These are pretty hot models with bodies that are so hot no guy will pass for a chance to face fuck them. They are skilled not only with their mouths but with other parts of their body. The likes of Candy Alexia and Luna Star will make any man throw loads of cum down their throats as they are face fucked and deep throated.

You will love a video like “opening the throat chakra” in which pretty Lyra Love takes a big cock all down to the balls. She is face fucked silly and then rewarded with cum. Another interesting video is “Cock Slapped” featuring Alice Lighthouse. In this video, a horny guy can’t take the teasing from Alice and he make her to deep throat him. There are many more videos like this one on the site all featuring scenes with deep throating. There are presently over 500 videos on the site and more is constantly being added. As a member, you get to the stream and download all of these videos. You also have the right to download the zip files containing the photosets.


When you are looking for porn that is hard and rough and includes deep throating, throated is the site to visit. This beautifully designed site features some exclusive videos on girls getting face fucked and deep throated.



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