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TokyoBang it's a great site, with great hardcore videos, features, models and content.


TokyoBang Review

Site Overview

Authentic Japanese porn site TokyoBang advertises the best of group sex and gangbang scenes in the Asian porn niche, and does well with their follow-through by offering movies full of steamy hardcore sex. The hottest fresh girls and mature women all enjoy getting down and dirty for TokyoBang by sucking dick, taking it hard, and having the pleasure of never running short of plenty of cum for them to drink up time and time again. When you sign up for a membership with TokyoBang, you get access to 21 sites in total under the network, unlocking the big doors to hot Asian porn of every niche.

TokyoBang, though it focuses on gangbangs and group sex, finds a way to produce daily updates along with the network it belongs to. That means a never ending supply of ridiculously intense hardcore sex in groups of 3 and up to full on gangbangs. These videos are not amateur, but instead profession models giving some high quality performances. Ad-free, distraction free, and focusing on genuine quality content is one of the many things that makes TokyoBang such a great site for lovers of several niches. Asian, Japanese, group sex, and gangbangs are all huddled here on one URL with wide-open opportunity to dive in immediately.

Design & Features

TokyoBang is pretty easy to use, with a tab for models and other sites in the network it’s associated with. Tags keep up with the different things included per movie, such as fetishes and kinks. To make up for the lack of advanced search tools, they give descriptions for the videos, arousing titles, and you can browse by model to get access to scenes that are a perfect fit for you. Not only do you have the extra tags, but they include a 3-category foundation per video to. You can choose from videos that are featured around three specialties a piece. Such listings could include creampie, group sex, blowjob or bukkake, group sex, and fisting.

You can download all of the movies offered without a limit, so your collection can grow right along with TokyoBang’s frequent updates. Zipped folders of vidcaps from the videos are available, too, to download. The information provided on each video would seem to be enough, but TokyoBang goes the extra mile by including the option to like and dislike videos, or save each of your favorites. The streaming is really fast, good quality considering TokyoBang doesn’t offer HD, and gives a great look at sexy Japanese women getting roughed up with tons of dicks. Take the view mobile, to, with TokyoBang’s great friendly version for iOS and Android.

Girls & Videos

With 25+ models featured on TokyoBang alone, you can find plenty of variety between these oriental beauties. They all have two things in common aside from their stunning looks; they’re Japanese, and love taking on several dicks at a time with skillful precision. Watch as these ladies get overwhelmed in gangbangs and orgies of all kinds. Kokomi Sakura, one of the highest rated models on TokyoBang, will appeal to all with her slender hips, unusually large tits for a Japanese pornstar, and sexy glasses to give her that teacher look. As TokyoBang actually boasts of holding the record for the most Japanese teacher gangbang videos in one place, you’re sure to see a whole pack of other ruler-smacking hotties following behind the high standard set by Kokomi. She is just one of many though, such as Yua Aida who enjoys to sport brightly colored hot pink wigs and vivid fashion statements. Another that deserves a very special second look is Chihiro Hara, whose profile exhibits her dressed in a bunny model maid costume and sporting a mischievous grin. It’s no surprise that all of these pornstars have found themselves surrounded by dicks and having to keep up with the active libido of the Japanese men also featured on TokyoBang.

For the videos on the site, they all feature one female and several males, though it ranges between threesomes, orgies, and actual gangbangs. MILFs, trimmed and hairy pussies, and sex toys are also among the frequent kinks that appear in the list of videos. Basically, you can find just about every kind of kink out there on here, and it really puts more to the common belief that Japanese women will do anything in the bedroom and totally love it. Out of 750+ videos, TokyoBang provides great Japanese porn focused around several men using one model as their cum bucket. The scenes are not always censored, which is always a super sweet surprise upon watching authentic Asian porn.


The hot porn scenes that TokyoBang has to offer are perfect for those who love more than just couples going at it hardcore for the camera, and want one place to get quality gangbang Asian porn. It’s still running strong, too, so you can ensure a long time membership here full of great quality updates that happen daily network wide. So many Asian niche sites and gangbang specialty sites have long since gone cold on the web, making it nice to have the promise and reputation of often updates. Enjoy this new content for as long as it comes — which will be a long, long time.

Gangbang is a growing trend in today’s adult entertainment industry, and it’s been popping up more frequently. However, TokyoBang has been doing this for a long time, and it shows. Tons of hardcore group sex is a rare commodity, as most sites just have that niche thrown in here and there. Japan takes the extra mile by making a whole site dedicated to that category, and it goes along swimmingly with the other specialty sites offered with membership. Japan is known for its wild side of sex, and you can see that here on TokyoBang as these real Japanese pornstars take on so much dick, it’s shocking how well they keep up.



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