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Trans500 Review

Site Overview

Trans500 is a fine and excellent site featuring the hottest and most beautiful trannies and t-girls from across the world. Trans500 is a network of 6 sites, in specific niches, and offer very impressive porn videos. A game changer, Trans500 comes with an impressive array of subscription options. The six sites in the Trans500 network include BehindTrans500, IKillItTS, BigBootyTGirls, SuperRamon, TransAtPlay and TSGirlfriendExperience. Each site specializes in TS porn in one form or the other.

The trannies are sexy, have awesome bodies, superb boobs, nipples that are bouncy and perk and cocks that can put a man to shame too. The asses are the only fuckable holes, apart from their shapely mouths which they use to suck cocks. We are very excited to present this review about Trans500, for we are confident that you will subscribe to this site after you read this review. If you are keen to watch how shemales look like, showing off their boobs, having them sucked, and how they use their cocks, Trans500 is the site you should subscribe to. And after reading this review, that’s exactly what you will do. So, without wasting any time, get ahead to reading this review.

Design & Features

Let’s check out the design and features of Trans500. Trans500 asserts an elegant but the simplest website design we have seen in a while. A clean look, minimal animation and devoid of unwanted elements makes Trans500 a very good site. One of the most striking features of the design is the colour scheme used, consisting of white, grey and filigree golden. White forms the overall background on which the details are seen. Grey is used as text colour and as the background colour of the Join Now box. The filigree golden makes an awesome background colour for the tabs section.

A set of links to the social media networks is seen at the top left. Towards the right, the member’s login link is seen. Below this, a beautiful, colourful and horny slideshow showcases the competence of Trans500 at giving you an amazing jerk-off session. The slideshow features three videos from various member sites, and includes the title, the pornstar’s name and its porn category. The tab section is seen attached to the slideshow and includes Home, a blog, HD videos, TS models, the member sites and a link to the webcam page. The filigree gold makes the tab section look sexy and astounding. It goes very well with the theme of the site.

A video from one of the sites is featured below the slideshow and tabs. The trailer of the video can be seen, which has a large thumbnail and a collage of stills from the video. A set of four thumbnails are seen alongside the trailer on the right. A brief description is given below the thumbnails. The videos are loaded in a grid form, below the featured video details. The latest Trans500 videos are placed here, with a still from the video and the title of the video, date of upload, the T-girls performing in the video and the site from where it was taken placed below the still.

Towards the right, there are a handful of models’ photographs with their names. Clicking on them will take you to a new page detailing out the slut’s profile. By far the best feature of Trans500 is its lifetime membership option. Very rarely does a site offer such a membership plan, and when a site offers a lifetime membership option, you should blindly accept this offer, for you will never have to pay a penny for the rest of your lives, after subscribing.

Girls & Videos

When a site offers a lifetime membership, it is great, but there is one thing that you will have to ensure is that the girls featured are awesome. With a site like Trans500, you don’t need to have any worries, for it offers you the sexiest trannies from across the world. So, you will find transsexuals from various ethnicities such as ebonies, Europeans, Asians, Latinas and Americans, who ensure that you have the cake and eat it too.

The trannies love to get their asshole filled with cock and cum, for that’s what gives them the most ultimate pleasure of getting fucked. They love to take a hard boner into their assholes in different positions, the most popular ones being the doggy style, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions. There are threesomes, gangbangs, foursomes and tons of couple-sex that you will enjoy a lot. The themes of the sites, and the videos, as such, are unique, and include sex between two trannies, between a guy and a tranny, or have a tranny banged hard by a few good men.

A superhero also comes to rescue the trannies and saves them from distress and danger, only to have them fuck him hard. There are trannies with monster cocks and bootylicious asses. Check out a video from a member site, SuperRamon. SuperRamon features a superhero in skintight, body hugging green or orange suit with a crotch hole. With a mission to save trannies in trouble, Super Ramon has a sidekick who accompanies him in all his adventures. Whenever a tranny is in trouble, SuperRamon is sure to be there. If a thief steals a tranny’s purse, SuperRamon fights the thief to get the purse back, or if a tranny is depressed and hasn’t been fucked in a while, SuperRamon ensures that the slut is back to her smiling days. In return for the favours, the trannies fuck the hell out of SuperRamon. You will find similar kinky stuff in all other sites associated with Trans500.


Trans500 is a superb site, and nothing can equal it in any terms, especially when it offers a great porn viewing experience. The lifetime membership option is unique only to Trans500, though individual sites have their own membership plans. It is better to subscribe to Trans500 than to the individual sites, as it will give you a better deal, considering that the trannies are the same across all sites. So, without much ado, click Join Now and become a member today, and enjoy tranny porn like never before.


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