Transfixed Review



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Transfixed gives you unique porn videos that feature hot shemale and straight women in hardcore sex actions.


Transfixed Review

Site Overview

Best transsexual porn site, Transfixed is a fantastic collection that boasts the unique beauty of shemales and amateur porn models in the adult entertainment industry. This xxx site is dedicated to showcasing the fresh and captivating glam of lesbian and transwomen in hardcore intercourse. Who knew that pussies and shemales would blend so well? Transfixed is all set to deliver a unique feeling that would surely awaken your deepest sexual desires. Apart from this one-of-a-kind collection, you’ll also get an impressive amount of bonus collections from Adult Time, one of the most popular mega-sites within the xxx community.

Design & Features

Finding the perfect combination of shemales and cis women porn is quite challenging. Luckily, Transfixed was produced to fill that empty void in your heart. It comes with a lavish porn production that is both classy and masterful. This giant of the adult industry ensures that all of its viewers will have something to remember for the rest of their lives.

Each and every video has its own story to tell, with interesting plots and hardcore sex as the movie progresses. Not to mention that every porn model is radiating with alluring beauty and a mouth-watering body. In fact, you would find it hard to tell that some models are transgender because of their ladylike look.

Once you’ve entered the website, the wonderful adventure in a transsexual paradise begins. Every screenshot is in high quality and perfectly captured –enough to show you the gorgeous bodies of the models. The trailers and teasers are enough to make you crave for more.

The design and features of the site are pleasing to the eyes. Even if this niche is new to you, I’m sure you would agree with me that Transfixed is indeed a masterpiece. The xxx images, videos, models, and other details are well placed in different pages, giving you a smooth and streamlined browsing experience. Also, for free users, you’re in for a treat as Transfixed provides plenty of free scenes. Pop-ups and advertisements don’t exist in this site which means there would be no interruption as you are fulfilling your sexual desires.

Girls & Videos

Bad quality videos and awful porn acting are a huge turn off for porn indulgers. With Transfixed, you never have to go through those disappointments. The quality and quantity are at the highest level and the masterful porn production would surely spice up your mood. This one of kind porn collection lets you enjoy shemale on female porn videos, in which the shemale is a girl with an enormous dick. Trans or straight, rest assured that you’ll be amazed to see the devotion of the directors and actresses, with all of them wanting nothing but to deliver an unforgettable experience to you.


Transfixed has clearly dedicated its time and effort to create a unique collection of adult movies. They certainly nailed that part! With artistic production and high caliber performers, they have been able to introduce the beauty of hardcore sex between shemales and straight sweethearts!


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