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TranssexualRoadTrip is where you will find the sexiest and horniest shemales that will drive you insane.


TranssexualRoadTrip Review

Site Overview

Hotter than a Mexican taco and the best tamale from south of the border can partly describe what TranssexualRoadTrip awaits the newer converts as well as long time fetish worshipper of the tranny kind in this site. Exotic ladies with mouths wet for sucking, asses ready for the pounding, and with cocks willing to do the fucking too are all here waiting to do your bidding. Once they are in front of the camera, there is no stopping these gorgeous T-girls raring to showcase what the best of both worlds can be. They are even willing to do the most out of the male pegging situations by letting the guys experience what they have been missing a lot on until now.

Design & Features

First stop is the homepage, once you have enrolled yourself fully to the TranssexualRoadTrip site. You are taken in the front and center to see the freshest release they have thus far. With the most recent updates, you get to sample titles which are fast becoming popular with its regulars as well as the newer ones. And as the site does frequent updates, with some as frequent as every three days, TranssexualRoadTrip takes you to a world of double dipping for the best shemales to have walked the earth of desires. As regards the design of the site, it is made very easy to navigate even for greenhorn porn lovers. They made the interface easy to understand with menu options easy to find too. There is the available videos right up, search choices using a model’s index, date of upload or by preferred categories all present to give you a wonderful visit each time.

As for content, members are looking at almost 800 releases with scenes mainly taken from TranssexualRoadTrip’s full length production. Clocking at half hour episodes for many in the library, you literally get your hands full with hundred of hours of tranny action. With each video comes an image gallery to continue stroking your shaft with. From as low as less than 10 images to having more than a hundred on file, the images alone are worth browsing through as they are mostly of high quality giving you access to areas where details matter. See how the shemales open their mouths while getting fucked, get a closer look at their pinkish asses as they are shoved in and out and of course, seeing the libido in their eyes as they do the pegging in return to that someone who has rear-ended them prior. The amount of photos in the gallery is proof positive that many still prefer to take a peek first before diving head in first. The photos won’t fail you at all as they are worth every byte of memory. Downloading the files are made possible in zip forms whereas it’s up to you to get it in WMV or MP4 options. Streaming is made accessible through a built-in Flash player so the choice is yours however which way you’d want to feast on the available smut and slick features only through TranssexualRoadTrip.

Girls & Videos

There is a very good chance that as you check in weekly, you will be getting newer materials from the slut site. This is a heavy plus point as most other sites just rehash what they have and put it in front just to say they have updated their roster of porn content. That is not so with TranssexualRoadTrip, if you look at the titles that they have, it keeps you on the verge of tickling those tits and cocks like you’ve never thought possible before. Take a look at “Big Titty Transsexuals,” where the shemales are out to get the men using their boobies as baits till these guys realize they are out to fuck someone with a turned on cock too at the same time. Imagine the initial shock wearing off and being replaced by horny hormones all peaking up to an incomparable cum worthy finish. With “Don’t Tell My Parents I’m A Tranny,” the shemales share your initial thoughts of being found out enjoying a different dimensions of fucking but eventually surrendering to a different delight that only a transsexual encounter can serve and provide. As the inhibition of doing it with someone with a cock and boobs is over, all that remains is the lust to push the envelope further that a transsexual sex is truly a fetish worth having over and over.

Topping it all off are the girls featured on site. They are hotter than hot can be with all their mostly Latina features figuring on site. Not that they are all there is, there are other interracial beauties made available but these head turners are splashed all over. Their skin tone alone waves at you to take them for a ride, their nipples tell you to go and give them a suck, while their asses are all ready to suck you in the world of transsexual delicacies. All the shemales have their unique vibe to create an alternate world where women have cocks to be pleased and to please. The trannies have some femdom going too in some of the scenes, each playing out each other as a subject and an object of pleasure. Basic blowjobs and rear entries are standards with an introduction to back to back fucking with an hombre thrown in as well. The Mexican reference is a given once you prowl the model index as most of the beautiful faces resemble the Latina queens out to rock your world. Imagine the smooth mocha colored skins with tits to delight, asses to behold and cocks to suck.


It’s a dreamy world out there with TranssexualRoadTrip. It’s a creamy world too taken on the road beckoning strangers to hop on and experience one joyride unlike many others. With a mixture of quality content in both standard and HD formats ready for streaming or downloading, TranssexualRoadTrip promises about 800 slut materials reaching hundreds of hours of shemale shebang and fun. All in exclusive content made ready for its members.


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