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TrickyMasseur Review

Site Overview

Becoming an expert masseur is not one of the usual dreams that we may encounter. Most of the time, a person would dream of becoming a doctor, a pilot, or a soldier, and countless of different professional career choices, but not an expert masseur – not unless their parents are into this type of business or industry. How about you? Have you ever considered working as one? Most of you guys would answer probably not, but we beg for you to consider it first because we are sure that after reading this porn site review, and after visiting the porn site that we are going to feature today, you would totally reconsider and think of becoming one yourself. Unconvinced? Then read on!

The porn site that we are talking about today is called TrickyMasseur. Yes, we have featured different porn sites in the past and some of them might be related to this type of porn. One of the porn sites features really hot and sexy female massagers, where they seduce tired businessmen or athletes getting a massage, enticing them to get these guys to fuck them. Another related porn site, on the other hand, features an expert massager inviting girls to get a free massage and that’s when the magic happens after. Now, this porn site, is quite similar to the latter as it features a male masseur to, but their main difference is this: the previous porn site offers a free massage to different girls – all of them amateur, the porn site that we are going to review today only massages the freshest and hottest porn stars around. Aside from that, their massage scenes are professionally produced, shot with the best equipment and lighting. In this way, you are ensured that you are going to enjoy every single video, because all of their videos are created with high-quality.

And what else are you going to expect from TeenMega World Network? The porn network where TrickyMasseur belongs to. Speaking of which, let us talk about the porn network’s numbers now. Once you have signed up for membership for the TrickyMasseur porn site, you are also going to get access to the entire forty plus sites included in the network. These porn sites feature more than one thousand different porn stars and models, which are featured in over seven hundred thousand photos and more than four thousand videos. In total, they are worth more than seven thousand gigabyte of content. This would surely keep you busy watching and downloading porn videos non-stop in months, maybe years! And you will still not get to finish everything because this porn network, along with all of its sites, especially TrickyMasseur, gets updated regularly! Now, we know that you are already excited to learn the different membership details of the site, so we won’t keep you waiting for much longer. First, they have this paid trial option that you can choose if you want to explore the site a bit more for a minimal fee. If you would rather sign up immediately then you can choose among their three membership plans: a one-month access (also their most popular choice), a three-month access (which gives you a lower monthly fee), and a one-year access (which provides the lowest monthly fee).

Design & Features

The website design of this porn site is really simple, even if the logo itself has a fun pink and light green color. The website’s background is a plain black, while the design elements of the site follow the light green color of the logo. We love how the site’s navigation is presented as buttons. You can see them all clearly lined up upon landing on the homepage. Some of the pages that you might want to take a look at are the categories page and the models page. Immediately below the banner, you will already get to see the thumbnails of their latest videos. Like the site design, the thumbnails are pretty simple as well. But even so, they still contain a lot of information about the said video. Hovering over the images will reveal other scenes from the porn video being featured. Aside from the images, you will also get to learn the video’s title and its length, along with its ten-point rating.

Scrolling down, you will then see another set of previews, this time, featuring the other porn sites within the porn network. You will also gain access to these sites upon membership so it’s really useful to see the updates on these ones as well through these previews. Each one contains the name of the site and a short description. You will also learn the niches that these sites cater to, along with their user rating. Finally, different-sized thumbnails are also included to give you an idea of their videos and latest offerings.

Girls & Videos

Speaking of videos, the high-quality of each of their videos is really impressive. They are all well-lit and you can see that the equipments that they used are top of the line. As for the girls, we liked how they did not really feature a specific girl type of nationality. The only common denominator among the girls is that all of them are fresh and vibrant. You won’t see any mature porn models here, that’s for sure. Well, you already know what to expect with the scenes from the videos because after all, it revolves around one theme: a masseur massages a hottie, then he uses his careful moves on her, and finally seduces her into getting fucked.


Overall, TrickyMasseur is a porn site really worth signing up for, especially if you are a fan of this type of porn genre. It is also great if you would like (like some of us) to learn some cool massage and seduction techniques because all of their videos have them! If you would also want to view other videos from time to time, then there is also no problem with that because you have access to the other porn sites within the network anyway. Have fun!



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