UltimateSurrender Review



UltimateSurrender is great choice if you want to enjoy a combination of lesbian actions and sport.


UltimateSurrender Review

Site Overview

If you are looking for something new and exciting to satisfy you and think that until now you have seen it all, you should try checking out ultimatesurrender. It is a perfect website for exploring all your secret girl on girl fantasies and, if you’re a fan of sports and wrestling, then you are in the right place. With their unique approach, ultimatesurrender will keep you coming back for more.

Design & Features

I really loved how professional and seriously competitive the content on ultimatesurrender looks. Their website is a pleasure to visit, easy to navigate, but also fun. From the age check page you can get a feel of how special they are, by seeing that you can vote for them in the best of this website category. Should you? Definitely. The website offers not only extremely high quality content, but also helpful features. First of all the frequently asked questions and the support in general is great. The membership plan is really not that expensive, considering what you are getting access to. Also, ultimatesurrender work seamlessly on mobile devices, especially Android operation systems and iOS. The logo is really appropriate for what they do, making you think about sports teams, especially because they use great colors for that, red, white, grey and only a little bit of black. The link to the Kink store is also great and you can find a lot of great stuff there, even athletic wear.

Girls & Videos

You won’t believe how sexy the athletes on ultimatesurrender can be. All of the girls look very fit, some of them really muscular. They love to have sex, but also fight in the ring, so why not combine the two? How these girls win matches and the crazy girl on girl action that happens after combine into a perfect recipe that will satisfy even the craziest urges. The models have great bodies and are really diverse in shape, form and color. You can find big and not so big boobs and butts and with such a vast roster, it will be hard not to find something for your taste. The girls are true professionals, knowing how to handle themselves and each other both in the ring and in front of the camera.

Seeing these girls having a go at each other in the most interesting ways is truly a sight to see. No one really loses in these matches because even though the winners can tie up and do anything to the ones that have lost, the last ones get truly unforgettable and genuine orgasms. The action happening in the videos on ultimatesurrender is one hundred percent unscripted. They let the girls fight it out and then see with what kind of hardcore action they come up with. The videos are in really high quality and the photos are high resolution. There are also plenty of HD videos too – with more than five hundred hours of naked wrestling, domination and other great stuff. You can also find an impressive archive of photos and the videos are available to stream or to download. You download the videos in HD quality and now you can have your favorite porn on your personal computer without compromising quality.


Ultimatesurrender has conquered their loyal fans with a new and interesting concept that they take very seriously, with their professionalism and most of all, the honesty of the content. Everything on the website is completely unscripted. If you’re thinking of making a subscription to the website, go for it, because trust me, there is nothing better than watching naked girls wrestle and then having hardcore sex.



Videos More than 500 hours of videos
Pics More than 200 Pictures Sets
Download Available
Categories lesbian

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