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VirtualXPorn is an amazing porn site where you will get to see sensational hardcore porn videos in VR.


VirtualXPorn Review

Site Overview

One of the purest hardcore porn sites, VirtualXPorn is meant for porn lovers who want to enjoy porn with a technology twist. To enjoy porn on VirtualXPorn, head to your nearest store and purchase Oculus Rift, or Google GearVR or Samsung VRSmartphone. If you subscribe to this site by making a payment through your credit card, you get a free VR Cardboard from Verotel, shipped at no cost right to your doorstep. If this is exciting, then you will find the porn contents on VirtualXPorn more exciting, for it features awesomely sexy sluts, superb porn themes, and wonderfully shot videos.

VR gives you a very different look and feel to the porn videos, and you get to watch them in 3D, with binaural sound, head tracking technology and 180-degrees view. These allow you to watch details that you would otherwise tend to miss in watching normal porn videos. If you are enthusiastic about watching porn with a technology twist, then read this review, for it will help you decide on subscribing. For one, we have already informed you about the freebie you will get from subscribing, and when you read this review, you will be more than happy to spend your hard-earned money on a site that will give you more benefits as compared to the amount you spent on it. So, go ahead and enjoy the review written for you.

Design & Features

This amazing site has an outstanding design and offers tons of awesome features that will keep you seeking more of it. The site is designed into three sections, the header, the main body and the footer. The footer has a logo and a few statutory details with a few links. The background colour features black and grey, and on such a background, colours like white, fluorescent green and other colours look very bright. The header has the logo of the site, to the left. The links to various pages is shown as tabs on the header. The tabs have a white text and include Home, Photos, VR Movies, Our Models, Join Now and Members tabs. Clicking on the tabs will take you to the specific page. We will check out the number of videos, photos and models later in this section.

There is an exclusive scrolling slideshow below the header. With bright colours, the slideshow looks awesome. Depicting sexy sluts getting fucked, sucking cocks, licking and eating pussies, sucking nipples and enjoying a facial or cum shot, the slideshow gives you an idea of what to expect on this site. The title of the video, names of the pornstars and a one-line description of the video can be seen on each video slide. Below the slideshow, there are about 8 videos, all latest, to entice you to watch them.

The videos are loaded on a dark grey box, featuring the title of the video, the runtime, models featured, and percentage of likes. A one-line description of the video follows next, with a fluorescent green link to watch the trailer coming last. There are six photo thumbnails of the video on the left of the box. To the right, there are double images of the specific photo. The double image is the effect of the 3D cameras. When these images combine, you get to enjoy the 3D effect.

There are 29 videos, 32 photo galleries with an average of 120 photos and over a dozen and a half models on this site. We shall look at these in detail in the next section on girls and videos. The site is very affordable, and there are three plans to contend with. A monthly, a quarterly and an annual plan are at your disposal, with the annual plan being the best, and offers you a discount of 58% over the monthly plan.

Girls & Videos

You will be surprised to know how beautiful VR videos look, for you can get a very beautiful view of the sluts’ naked bodies and their sexual acts. Check out a slut licking and sucking a cock. This act looks so realistic that you will only want to watch her sucking the cock. What’s more, these videos are shot in a POV format, so you believe you are an active participant in the entire act.

The videos are diverse, and include solo masturbation, lesbian, threesomes and couple-sex, all of which are excellent to watch through an appropriate VR gear. The sluts are beautiful, sexy and awesome to watch. These chicks have amazing bodies that you would want to enjoy for a long time. Fucking them is the most pleasurable moment of your life. Their pink and wet cunts are ever ready and desperate to eat a dick and swallow cum, while their mouths can take a long, hard boner in the most exquisite deepthroat sessions. The boobs are perfectly shaped for squeezing, and nipples are lively for a round of hot sucking. Asses are perfect for spanking or squeezing and form an excellent cushion while invading it from behind.

Having described these sluts, let us check out a solo masturbation video. Katerina Hartlova, a sexy Russian slut, features in a solo masturbation video titled Katerina Hartlova Masturbating. This video gives you a close-up view of her pink cunt, as she fingers it. Spreading her legs, she inserts her fingers into her pink cunt, and spreads the labia apart to give a very beautiful view of what’s inside her cunt. As she fingers her pussy, she uses her other hand to take her breasts out, and squeeze them, feeling the adrenaline rush to all parts of her body. Her nipples become hard, and she kneads them with her fingers, to make her pussy go wet with her pussy juices. The video ends with an outstanding orgasm that Katerina experiences, after intensely fucking herself.


So, isn’t this exciting? It must be, and when you have such awesome contents that you can enjoy with your VR gear, then VirtualXPorn should not be given a miss. Affordable to own, with ultra-sexy chicks and outstanding porn contents, you are sure to get the best out of VirtualXPorn. So, click Join Now and become a member.


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