VivThomas Review



VivThomas is an amazing porn site that provides the most exciting and the hottest lesbian porn scenes.


VivThomas Review

Site Overview

Viv Thomas is arguably the finest HD porn entertainment site with a consistent focus on lesbian sex. The girls are breathtakingly hot. They are still in the prime of their sex season. They kiss, squeeze and caress in ways that will make you drop all your guard and summon a stiff erection in your pants. The videos come in top notch quality. There is also a ton of pics made in high res.

Design & Features

The design befits the site content. It is one of the simplest designs but offers the best access options I have ever experienced on an online platform. The home page invites you to a host of options, including, tagged images, ratings for flicks and the girls, and slideshows that give you a quick glimpse of what lies in the members’ area. There is an option to check out the videos by model. Users can choose a model and follow her in various performances.  The drop down menu enables users to also engage with live girls. You can also decide to sample the photos or check out the various lesbian films.

Viv Thomas has a link to its blog segment. All these can be accessed by clicking on the drop down menu. I was impressed with the search tool that makes it possible to check out specific content. It displays the results in a flash, so long as you type in relevant search terms. The site can be accessed from mobile devices, with ease. I could sample my favorites with little interruption. I was also impressed to learn that users on mobile devices also have access to all the features that can be sampled via PC. I was impressed to learn that I could stream the videos and download as much as I wished. The embedded Flash Player allows you to forward and rewind with remarkable efficiency.

Girls & Videos

The girls are some of the hottest that I have ever checked out in porn entertainment. They are hot, sexy, gorgeous and daring. These cuties are displayed across the members’ area for you to choose and click on the thumbnails for an immediate voyage to the land of sexual entertainment. It is something I have not seen in a while. Take one Kaylie, for instance, she is a hot sexy and curvaceous cutie with equally attractive boobs. She is featured in various scenes doing solo performances and in lesbian encounters. She is stylish and calm. She sports a cleanly shaven crotch. I couldn’t resist ogling and imagining how warm her pink pussy is when I caught site of her, with the legs totally spread out, showing the full landscape of her snatch to the camera. The pussy is literally red hot. The clitoris spreads out nicely and forms a whole at the center as if to invite you to dip your shaft right there.

The quality of the movies makes it hard for the viewer to separate images from reality. The pics are crisp clear. The videos are also made in full HD specs that will keep you on the edge of your seat for hours on end. Other horny and attractive girls available on the site include, but not limited to Dorothy Black, Isabella Lui, Michelle, Kira Zen, Sasha Rose, and Rebecca. There are over 1600 videos. Each video comes with an average playback of 30 minutes. You are also treated to over 2800 photo sets. Each of them contains about 100 photos.


Viv Thomas is the best site to visit if you have a thing for sizzling lesbian sex. The videos are made in top notch HD quality. You also have a ton of photos to savor. The user interface is impeccable.


Videos More than 1600 Videos
Pics More than 2800 Picture Sets
Download Available
Categories lesbian, softcore

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