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VixenX Review

Site Overview

With the newly relaunched website of Vixen X, you’ll get to enjoy better and more enticing adult videos that explore the reality porn niche. The said website was already a well-known name in the porn industry since way back. However, the owners decided to switch things up and revamp the website to a whole new porn website. When it was relaunched back in 2015, the website now showcased a much simpler appeal. It only retained its name, Vixen X, but completely trashed everything inside and replaced them with new ones – the website design layout, videos, images, and many other features distinctive of the old Vixen X porn website. You might think that the new design is a bad one since you won’t be seeing the things you have loved with the old website here in the new one but that is not true.

There are more amazing videos uploaded to the site, though the collection may not be as large as the old one. The same can be said with the pictures. The change that may have the most impact to the members of Vixen X is the bonus site. The old website has a number of bonus sites that it offers access to when you sign up for a membership. However, the new one only has a single bonus site to boast of. That doesn’t mean that it is over for Vixen X though. Far from over, the fight for the top is only starting right now. With the Vixen X gaining popularity among fan lovers, you can expect this website to become one of the leading websites in the industry in the few years to come.

Design & Features

The new website certainly has a lot of obvious changes with its relaunching in 2015. Starting from the design of the website, it turned from a dominant gray theme to a black-themed design. The design became a lot simpler as well. No more fancy banners or icons. Everything is more organized compared to the old website layout. That should be a good thing because that means that anyone should be able to go around the site without any worries. No need to think about the complex site map of this website. Basically, the design is user-friendly. As for the videos, you will not be ripped off by Vixen X. You will be delivered with the high quality videos that is only expected out of a good film.

The 120+ videos already uploaded in the site are full HD, with an option to watch in 1080p, 720p, and 480p, and can be downloaded either in Flash or MP4 format as well. Each of the videos is full-length so they are mostly more than half an hour long. You have the option of adding the video to your favorites, rating it, or leaving a comment. You are also allowed to watch some pictures that are on the site that is specifically for that video. Some of the pictures here are actual shots but the others are just screen captures for the important sex scenes in the video. Each of the galleries has at least 90 pictures in them. That number should be a lot for you already. You don’t have to worry that only the videos and images are the features you can enjoy in this site. In fact, you have a live cam to watch anytime you want too. There’s always a performance 24/7 as promised by the website. Speaking of promises, Vixen X also stresses that it will deliver new content for videos and photos at least once a week. Lastly, there is also the bonus site called Property Sex. This is the bonus site where you can explore real estate themed porn anytime you want.

Girls & Videos

You will be amazed at the girls who are featured in the website. They are unforgettably seductive and will surely give you a boner. When they start stripping or they get stripped by their partner, you’ll see their enticing bodies that complement their beauties. There will be slutty blondes, erotic brunettes, and wanton black-haired ladies getting fucked in this website. You have a wide selection to choose from. These goddesses are mostly whites but some are ethnic. Vixen X really has many girls that suit your sexual desires and fantasies. Some of the girls that may fuel your sexual imagination even more include Artemida, Alisson, Camily, Charlyse Bella, Avril Sun, Amy, Angel, Aurelly Rebel, Bettina Dicarpi, Bianca Breeze, and Angelica Kitten. These girls specialize in a number of porn stuff such as blowing, sucking, cocking, anal, fucking, masturbation, sex toys, and a whole lot more.

The girls’ videos all have tags which usually pertain to what acts are highlighted in the videos so you don’t have to worry about searching through the archive just to find those vids where you can find your favorite girl doing your favorite thing. One of the amazing vids that you should watch first when you become a member to Vixen X is entitled “The Girl With a Kitten Tattoo”. The truth is, this girl is Angelica Kitten. She has a tattoo of Hello Kitty just atop her right butt cheek. A lot of people have rated this particular video highly. Aside from “The Girl with a Kitten Tattoo”, you are also recommended to watch the following videos as soon as you sign up to Vixen X: “Calling My Fiance”, “Hope to Fuck You”, “Bubble Butt Cutie”, “I Vanda Fuck You”, “Morning Fuck”, “Creampie the Blonde”, and “Seems Like a Tight Fit”. You’ll cum over and over just from watching these recommended videos.


Overall, the site is a good porn website to sign up on. This is especially true if you like reality porn. You get good videos. You get good photos. There’re live cam and bonus sites too. If you are interested in reality porn, then you just have to make sure to sign up to Vixen X. You’ll get what you signed up for when you get your membership here in this website.


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Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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