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WatchMyGF is another hardcore amateur website from The Girlfriend Network of websites. It is full of mostly hardcore videos submitted by ex-boyfriends. These are real women having sex with their boyfriends or performing stripteases. WatchMyGF is a decent site for finding videos of real couples in the bedroom. Check out more information on WatchMyGF.


WatchMyGf Review

WatchMyGF is an amateur porn site with a variety of fresh amateur pornography. They have everything, ranging from hardcore anal sex to stripteases. WatchMyGF is part of the Girlfriend network of porn sites that features user-submitted content – usually submitted by the women seen the videos or their boyfriends. Each site has its own focal point – with WatchMyGF centering on porn videos of ex-girlfriends. This is a general site with a large assortment of amateur content for you to enjoy. This review of WatchMyGF will help you learn more about this site and what type of content they offer.

WatchMyGF has amateur content

As mentioned, WatchMyGF has no real focus. It has an assorted array of amateur home porn videos uploaded to the site. With WatchMyGF, users have uploaded a variety of sexual acts caught on film. Out of all the sites on the GF network, WatchMyGF gives users the most broad group of porn content. You get to view, stream, and download, hundreds of films and picture sets of women having sex – including blow jobs, anal, vaginal, group, public, and more. This is all amateur content, but many of the videos and pics at WatchMyGF are above average when compared to other amateur sites. WatchMyGF gives users several hundred videos to look at. As for the women at WatchMyGF – you will get everything from skinny nubile women to older MILFs.

WatchMyGF has a simple design

If you have trouble finding videos and browsing porn on a porn site then there is something wrong with the site. This is not the case with WatchMyGF. The basic layout and simple design gives members a quick and easy way to look through the videos and pictures. Quickly find what you want and either stream or download the content. If you want to download picture sets, they will get compressed and downloaded in a single ZIP file – this makes the download size smaller and faster to download. In addition to simple design, the search options are convenient. Pick a keyword and make a search. You should have no problem finding what you are looking for – search by sexual act or by the type of women you want to see.

WatchMyGF belongs to the GF network

One of 16 amateur sites on the GF network, WatchMyGF is just a small part of the overall package that you will get once you have a membership. Membership to one site on this network gives users access to all the sites on the network, such as ObsessedWithMyself, MyLesboGF, MyNNGF, and MyPOVGF. Just like WatchMyGF, the other sites have a niche area of pornography where they focus their attention. For example, MyNNGF only has non-nude photos and videos and MyPOVGF only has pics and porn videos taken from the male point of view. The entire network includes thousands of amateur videos and sets of pics for your perusal.

WatchMyGF overall quality

When considering WatchMyGF – the main item to remember is that this is an amateur site that offers just 1/16th of the total content you will get access to. You must also include the other 15 porn sites on the GF network when considering whether you want a subscription to WatchMyGF. If you do decide to signup, there are three different plans, ranging from a 1-day plan to a 90-day plan. The 1-day trial offers limited access and the 90-day plan gives the best deal. Pay for your subscription to WatchMyGF using either a checking account or a credit card through their secure servers.

Here are the 3 membership options for WatchMyGF:

  • $59.97 gets you 90 days
  • $27.95 is the cost for 30 days
  • $1.00 for a 1 day trial with limited access


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