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WifeysWorld will let you immerse into an amazing world of erotic scenes, hardcore sex and hot mature women.


WifeysWorld Review

Site Overview

Best mature porn site to watch, WifeysWorld is practically the perfect place to find MILF porn and some rather interesting fetishes. It follows the sex life of a milf named Wifey and her husband, as the camera unfolds their secret to a fun-filled marital life. Wifey loves everything that is sexual and so does hubby, so it seems. For the most part, an entirely prominent activity here includes blowjobs and roleplay, with a dash of fetish play. Not to be absent in any porn site, some intense fucking is the perfect addition to this already wonderful site.

Aside from the usual one on one screwing that Wifey and Hubby engage on, they sometimes bring in their friends to join in the fun, and when she wants things a little quiet and calm, Wifey pleasures herself with different sex toys. This wonderful site has been around since 2003 and is under the management of KW Productions, Inc.; its primary niches include MILF porn, swingers, roleplay, and fetishes. For great MILF porn that features a rather gorgeous 36DD sized vixen, WifeysWorld is the best place to find them.

Design & Features

With a simple and minimalist site design, shrouded in dark color scheme, WifeysWorld is easy on the eyes. It also is easy to navigate through. The site interface is user friendly and convenient, even straightforward. Links are easily located on the top part of the site, just under the site’s banner and logo. In addition, the site has plenty of features to look forward to, especially if you are a member.

With a great number of content, you will never run out of things to explore here, plus you get free bonus videos and archives to add to your collection. The site does not have any bonus sites that come along with but the number of bonus content they pour into each membership is overwhelming and truthfully, better than any bonus site. As we speak, the site has more than 700 photo sets that consists of almost a hundred hi-res photos. You can download these photo sets in zip files or save them solo.

Browsing is quite easy here as you can make use of the pagination link, the advanced search engine, and the various sorting options you will be introduced to. You can sort out the content by their dates, titles, ratings, and popularity. You can also add videos to your favorites, as well as comment on and rate them. The updates here are a little inconsistent but nowadays, they have been adding a few more content every week, or every two weeks. Despite that, the site has been growing rather spectacularly over the past few months. The site is exclusive so all the content you see here is absolutely just made for WifeysWorld.

Girls & Videos

There are not many female models here because the site essentially revolves around Wifey and her adventures. Beside her is her husband who she playfully nicknames ‘Hubby’. Often times, they invite their friends into their house and they have the best sexual adventures there. Wifey is someone you would want beside you when it comes to diving right into pleasure; with her gorgeous face, banging hot body, and those big jugs she has, she is the perfect woman to call upon when you feel a little naughty.

She also loves to perform intense blow jobs, wringing her husband dry as cum shrouds her mouth, face, and breasts. Wifey and Hubby also love to do roleplaying and trust me when I say that they love the erotic stuff more than anything else. You will be able to see Wifey dress up as a nurse, a teacher, and so much more; but it is not just Wifey doing all the dress-up, Hubby seems to be enjoying it, as well. Despite being a solo site, Wifey invites her other female friends to have sex with her husband and they all seem really happy about it, anyway.

The site currently has almost 700 delicious scenes that last for about 15 to 20 minutes each. These scenes can be watched via streaming or downloading. Streaming can be done on your browser, just as long as your embedded Flash player is updated. Updating is easy because they will be prompting you to do so if your player is outdated. You may also download the scenes to your device in MP4 format or Windows format. You can opt for a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution or a 1280 x 720 pixel resolution. The really older ones may have lower specs but are still pretty good, if you must ask. The site has a daily download limit of 10GB but that is really not an issue because all the videos here do not seem that heavy.


WifeysWorld is definitely something I would consider as one of the best when it comes to a variety of porn themes. They are one of the best when it comes to showcasing a rather erotic way of performing a blow job and they definitely do a great job of doing roleplays. Quality-wise, the site has actually exceeded all expectations from me. The number of content in the site is absolutely great, and the updates are happening much more frequently these past few months. The features are noteworthy and the site functions really well. If you want some worthwhile porn to indulge in, WifeysWorld is the best place to be and more.


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